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Rolling Girls 09

Final encode EP 09 v1 [B6C4DD9C]_001_26079

Joint with caffeine.

I’d be Chiaya’s friend!
So I only came on this late at night to release a certain show at another group but then suddenly saw messages saying that QC was done. And here I am now, releasing this.

I don’t know when the rest of the episodes will be done because vale is pretty busy. TL isn’t done yet and I don’t know when they will be.

Torrent | DDL

Rolling Girls 05

Final encode EP 05 v1 [59B8909E]_001_10821

This episode of Rolling Girls is brought to you thanks to the beautiful people over at caffeine.

This week things was delayed at typesetting. We also ran into a bit of trouble here and there.

On a related note, we need a typesetter who will be available to work on this show one day after it airs (Monday). If you’re interested, please hop onto Rizon and message me.

Torrent | DDL