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Fall Plans and Updates

This season, we’re coming back! The show we will be subbing is Shirobako: Vale’s Life The Animation. Luckily for us, vale actually does what MC-chan does for a living. That’s great for us too because we can get all that jargon down and see how much fun vale has on a daily basis.

Now for a small update. Hana no Uta blu-rays are making slow progress with me being busy with subbing other show. They will be out in due time. Tsuki ni Naku is forever stalled at translators… like it has been for the past year.

Soul Eater is now officially dropped because translator has lost interest and we weren’t really getting anywhere with it. Rather unfortunate because I wanted to pick this up and give people another option instead of STD and Funimation.

Akuma no Riddle will continue as planned. Very slow progress because editor keeps sitting on it. We will release this whenever possible; I plan on cracking the whip.

And that is all! Hope you guys enjoy the new season.