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One Punch Man 05

opm 05 premux[574EF795]_001_16452Same.

You might’ve read this in our comments section but we’ll be using Kazé as our video source from this episode and onwards. Next episode will come some time after vale pops around to TLC.

35Shoutai will maybe/possibly/probably be released tonight or tomorrow. We’ll see.

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One Punch Man 04

opm 04 premux v2[5A6A9CF8]_001_4925

I’m bringing back the OPM posts. However, we won’t be posting DDL links like we usually do. You can still access them through Hestia.

Delays brought to you by various technical issues. I’m too lazy to explain everything so just take it as it is. 05 coming soon™.

Woops. v2 because I forgot to mux in fonts. I guess that release pic is now really relevant.

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