One Punch Man 11

opm 11 premux[B46386A7]_001_31661

So after a long period of being inactive, I am now back. I’m gonna try and blow through some of my backlog, so I’m expecting to release a couple things over the next few weeks. Let’s see how far I can make it!

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32 thoughts on “One Punch Man 11

  1. ” expecting to release a couple things over the next few weeks”
    That went about as good as I thought it would. See you in 2020.

  2. So glad you are back Hyaku! Looking forward to your releases. 🙂

    Thank for this one too, of course! ^&

  3. Thanks! Just a side note: In episode 10 preview the episode title was “The Denominator Of The Universe” but episode 11 was titled “The Dominator Of The Universe” i know that both translations are correct but isn’t this inconsistency? 😀

    1. Also in this preview
      “What does it mean to be “strongest,” Saitama?”
      wouldn’t the comma be out of the quotes?
      “What does it mean to be “strongest”, Saitama?”

      1. Position of commas and fullstops and such inside or outside of quotes depends on what country you’re from, for instance it’s different in the USA and the UK, not sure where the Cthuko staff are from so yeah.

  4. Now that pic is a good Saitama response to the phrase; ” This is madness! ” LeL 😛
    Anyways, thnx for being alive…! 😉

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