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  1. Close those tired eyes and rest your weary soul, but do not go gentle into that good night. Not until you finish One Punch Man at least..

  2. What the heck are thinking these people in these comments?!

    Cthuko is dead?! Haha! You are (not) so funny.

    I’ve got two suggestion:

    1. Sit down your chair, watch the monitor/mobile/your dog/etc and waiting for the best subs ever for those animes and don’t forget to “close your mouth” (stop your fingers), plus watch another anime, movie etc.; pass the time, if you aren’t patient. If you can’t do that, do the second suggestion.
    2. Go out and hoe your garden. Thereafter travel to Antarctica -> calm down. Do the first suggestion.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Rossebbe már a türelmetlenkedőkbe.

    1. It’s mostly because they haven’t posted any updates in 3 months. They said they weren’t going to pick up any new shows for winter season so they could work through the backlog, and now the whole winter season has come and gone, and there has been literally no progress on the backlog. Most people would probably be satisfied if there was just a little communication. If life is kicking your butts, then just let us know. Don’t just disappear.

  3. At this point website update or even title in irc channel would be useful to know this group isn’t permanently dead.

    1. Well the IRC channel’s title is ‘Backlog Edition’, yanno.. cause they said they weren’t picking up new stuff and concentrating on finishing what they have now.

  4. What group do you guys recommend for the last two OPM episodes? Really want to see them 🙂

  5. And another one bites the dust.

    I’m sick and tired of this. At least finish releasing your crap.

    1. Why should they finish this? They aren’t a premier group known for finishing shows. They are a fairly new group and apparently they bit off more than they can chew. Plus all fansub groups feel entitled like we shouldn’t bitch because they don’t get paid and we get this stuff for free. Wrong. They provide a service for a weekly product so people expect to get it weekly and if you can’t provide it weekly then say so from the start but they rather get halfway through a show at a decent pace and just say fuck it we’ll get to it when we get to it then get mad when people complain. I get that real life happens but this is a group. Someone in the group can’t say something about why it is taking so long?

        1. Just because the group has veterans doesn’t make it any newer. I never said the people in the group were new to fansubbing. All the shows they are subbing (that aren’t finished) have finished airing in 2015. They have only finished 46% of the shows they decided to sub. I never heard of this group until they teamed with Hiryuu (who has finished 73% of the shows they decided to sub).

          This is the last response to any of my comments. I was just stating my opinion and I don’t feel the need to defend it. Call me entitled if you want but I don’t care. It just shows your short-sightedness not to read my entire comment and see that it makes sense.

          1. “I was just stating my opinion and I don’t feel the need to defend it.” He said, defending it and calling us short sighted. I read your entire comment, it didn’t make sense. Either wait, or don’t. Don’t wait and bitch.

          2. These are the three shows with the least number of episodes left. For the record, for Yoru no Yatterman they said they will do the BDs directly, so any other show requires much more work to be finished.

            Either way, I’d ask of Cthuko to release all the work in progress stuff if they decide they will be closing shop. I’m still mad Afternoon Naps Empire didn’t finish PPD, and didn’t release at least the 17 episodes they did. Somebody would have finished it, damn it. And the same with Cthuko: release a batch of all WiP, and somebody will polish it up.

    1. Guys. Try forcing yourself to finish Tsuki ni Naku, Rolling Girls and OPM. Obviously you don’t want to do anything anymore, so finish off these 6 episodes and close the site. We will always remember you with good 🙂

      1. They’re not dead or closing the website dumbass, they said they’re not picking up any shows to get the backlog done. They didn’t outline a schedule or anything, the only thing that’s ‘obvious’ here is that one or more staff members are busy, so just wait.

        Also protip, putting something nice with a smiley at the end of your paragraph doesn’t nullify your rude demands and mind boggling assumption that they’ll be closing the website after doing 6 more episodes…

  6. For one Punch man is that almost finished yet? Cause I really wanna see the boros fight and I don’t wanna watch it with horriblesubs or commie subs.

      1. This. If I didn’t know from past experience I’d think this group is dead. I’ll still keep my hopes up for the last two OPM since waiting for them gives masochistic pleasure.

  7. I get that fansubs are free but there is a certain of expectations when you release the first 6 episodes weekly. If you want to be a slowsub group then be a slowsub group through and through. Don’t bait people by release 6 episodes weekly and not giving an update on episode 7 then release that 2 months later. Now episodes 8-12 are at the TL stage? Really? Did the whole TL team die? Let me guess there is only one TL. The good groups have a backup or 2.

    You guys suck. *rant over*

    1. And it’s complaining morons like you who slow down fansub groups with your negativity, either wait, help, or shut up. Honestly the entitled people on the internet piss me off.

    2. Then name those “good groups”, entitled kid. Almost all subbing-teams do not have a single backup for TL on almost all their Anime, because I doubt it’s often that they’ve got multiple TLs in one group that are interested in doing the same Anime. And then there’s enough times where it gets stalled on Edit in general – and there it would at least be “somewhat easy” to TRY to find a replacement as they don’t need to undestand Japanese to a level where they can actually translate it properly. Oh, and english as well, in case that’s not their first language, but that’s the requirement for both these spots.
      Also…what Xirix says.

  8. Their site is up and running for me. At the very least I can navigate through it when I access their address. And what does it have to do with the delays? Anyway, as long as you’re willing to finish the show, I’ll stick with you guys.

    1. Two year project, definitely. But I think you are better off waiting for them anyway considering how much of a bad taste the end left in my mouth.

      P.S. Yozakura Quartet when?

  9. Are you guys working on this?
    Or is this going to be one of those 2year projects?
    If it´s the later one I will watch is somewhere else.

  10. Great to see a new episode for this series! Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long for the next one. 😉

    By the way, what happened to Hiryuu? Their site’s been offline for a while now, so I didn’t know if the group was disbanded or what.

      1. Good to know; thanks for the update

        Do you know if they’ll be bringing the site back online any time soon?

          1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the site will be able to come back. I find it a lot easier to interact with the group when they have an active site you can visit/post on. 🙂

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