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  1. For one punch man 9 and 10, is ts type setting right. That’s when they have to type the subs at the moment someone’s talking or something. If so then I can understand why it’ll take along time cause they gotta be timed right.

    1. No, that would be timing, which is one of the quicker parts (usually no more than a couple hours per episode unless the show is super-heavy on rapid-fire dialogue) that can be done well in advance of anything else or at all lifted from another group with minimum modifications.

      Typesetting refers to onscreen Japanese text that has to be changed into English, as if it has always been there in the first place. This often tends to be time-consuming if there’s a lot of it, or if it is heavily stylized, or if there is a lot of complex motion tracking involved. None of which is the case with OPM ep. 9, actually.

      I think the problem at this point is that various staff are stalling the project simply because nobody cares much.

    1. I don’t think it is Vale this time. As can be seen from staff in weeklies

      One Punch Man
      Vale (TLC)
      ryuu_zer0 (Edit)
      HyakuPercent (Time/QC)
      ntr (TS)
      vinylfreak89 (Encode)

      Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai
      Vale (Cthuko TL)
      ryuu_zer0 (Cthuko Edit)
      HyakuPercent (Slut Timer/Encoder)
      Fyurie (Hiryuu TS)
      TarVanimelde (Hiryuu QC)

      ntr is stalling it. But Vale is stalling eps of Taimadou that is for sure.

      1. Don’t forget the actual status is almost never up to date. It could be the TS, it could be anything after the TS. It doesn’t matter that much, the point is somebody is always stalling and it demotivates everyone involved.

        Either way it’s a management problem more than anything else. Profit or non-profit, when somebody doesn’t deliver in any sort of timely manner, you have to search for possible alternatives. It’s even more warranted in non-profit organizations like fansub groups because nobody is tied with any kind of contractual obligations or budget constraints, so you get the opportunity to recruit any number of backup performers for any task. Don’t have time to do it? Excellent, just say so and let others pick up the slack. In this respect a group is always only as efficient as its manager is.

        I fondly remember the second half of 2000s, the times of gg and Eclipse in their prime (remember the amazing Code Geass R2 release race?), when you would often get top-quality, typeset translations for popular shows within about half a day after the episode airing—for several weekly shows at a time! THAT, for me, is impeccable management. Fast-forward half a decade or so, and you get the choice between the simulcast lowest-common-denominator Crunchyroll, a somewhat lagging, often still subpar Crunchyroll edit, and a good original translation that either lags behind by months or is effectively dropped (looking at you, Shimoseka). No wonder the only groups that stay afloat for the longest time are those that strictly do ripping with borrowed subs. Kinda sad.

    1. So…I’m allowed to kill trashy humans left and right?
      I’m allowed to take whatever I feel like taking?

      Thanks for the episode, Cthuko.

        1. But that surely wouldn’t end well for me, since RL is a prison…! >:
          I mean, it’s not like there is any realy freedom around – and I’m not even talking about killin’ and stealin’ here…

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