15 thoughts on “One Punch Man 06

  1. Took some time, but nevertheless, thank you for the release. Gonna continue to wait on your releases, like (almost, that thing with YozaQu’s OVAs needed to continue watching was the only exception for me) always. XD

  2. I’m going to try to balance out these comments:

    Thanks for the release. I really appreciate the effort, and you all should work on these chinese cartoons at a pace you find comfortable. You owe us leechers absolutely nothing in the way of explanations and status updates. (lol jk nextepisodefuckingwhen)

  3. What happened to Taimadou ep 7?? It has been removed from ep status window. And any news on Rolling Girls ep 12 ?? It has been more than a month since sereft’s exam started.

        1. She hasn’t been replying. I’ve only seen her online once over the last month and that was a message on WhatsApp. I wasn’t even around to check when she sent that.

  4. Thanks for the episode, but given the time it spent in QC you should have spotted “Unltimate” in the next ep preview. 😛

    1. OMG! LooL! I just noticed that! I’m sure they will fix it soon ^_^
      Nonetheless, the translation is quite accurate!

  5. No rest for the wicked. Go work on Tsuki ni Naku.

    disclaimer: I know that you’ve done all you can personally do for that. I just wanted to say it.

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