13 thoughts on “Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 06

  1. Well, I guess I give up, based on these comments.

    On the plus side, now I have some [HorribleSubs] episodes to marathon 🙂

  2. It’s safe to say that this project has been dropped. Same with Shimoseka that Hiryuu was suppose to be in charge of. Both groups have been having issues with people staying around for more than a few weeks on any one project. I would say the best indicator that a group will finish a series is if they’re also putting out BD releases (it shows that their active and that their members are still around)

    1. Stupidity, pure stupidity right here. This is nowhere near the delay Cthuko had with Gatchaman Crowds, and it still was finished. Maybe think, then write? Also, this episode was released less than a full month ago. Nowhere near enough time to claim something like this.
      Also, your generalization of the whole Subbing-Group by one project is stupid too. I’ll just say PriPara and Doki(3 months or something like that between the last 2 releases)…
      And the “conclusion” with the BDs is the most stupid thing ever…

  3. Guys are you taking break next season?? If yes that is a best decision. You already have 5 stalled shows. And the pacing at which each episode is being released I think you guys need 5-6 month break.

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