One Punch Man 05

opm 05 premux[574EF795]_001_16452Same.

You might’ve read this in our comments section but we’ll be using Kazé as our video source from this episode and onwards. Next episode will come some time after vale pops around to TLC.

35Shoutai will maybe/possibly/probably be released tonight or tomorrow. We’ll see.

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47 thoughts on “One Punch Man 05

  1. Lol. By looking @OPM 5 reelase post comments it looks like this blog is being turned into some random commnets blog. RIP

        1. Have you considered recruiting more translators? I feel like lagging weeks behind on ongoing shows because one person (who is also known to be busy) is stalling everything isn’t going to do anyone any favors. I’m not suggesting to ditch vale, but maybe there could be someone to fill in for him at least partially? Then again I guess no-one’s volunteering either.

  2. What does TLC and TS mean in this context? I’m guessing you don’t have someone tasked with Tender Loving Care… 😛

    There’s no explanation on the “Weeklies” page.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. 🙂

        I see several projects, like OPM, have Ep06 in Quality Control, Ep07 in Editing and Ep08 in the Encoding fase. I thought encoding would be the last step? I’m assuming I must be mistaken to assume encoding involves muxing the final product.

        This is how I would assume the workflow functions:
        TLC -> TS -> Editing -> QC -> Encoding

        Could you clarify? I’m interested in how it all works.
        Keep up the great work, this is BY FAR the best fansub of OPM out there. You’re in a different league, or hero-rank if you will. 😉

  3. Then how about completing Rolling girls ?? Only 1 ep is left. So can’t you hurry and get it finished??

  4. Not sure if its my problem, but at 10:00, the subs and typeset disappears after appearing. And at 16:09 the word “Death” cant be viewed properly in fullscreen.
    I’m using MPC-HC and the latest cccp codec pack, dont think its a problem on my end.

    1. Both play properly on my end and no one else has reported anything so far so I assume it is a problem on your end. The sign at 10:00 might be caused by your hardware chocking on the sign but I can’t say for sure. I have no idea what’s the problem with 16:09 though. That scaled properly on my end.

      1. here’s how 16:09 looked on my end.

        Oh well you may be right, but usually I dont experience any problem with the typesetting disappearing or so. Welp if its fine over your end and I’m the only one with the problem then lets just forget it :p

        1. So I had similar problems throughout the episodes when there was typesetting and sub lines happening at the same time. Humorously, this happened when my laptop was on power saver. When I changed it to balanced, everything ran fine. So it might be choking like Hyaku said

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  5. Thanks a bunch. Did you mean to put it in the anime music video category? I’m going to assume you didn’t so just a heads up.

      1. Ahhh! not Vale again. 🙁 He is already stalling kekkai ep 12 for last 2-3 weeks and not his now. Vale seems to be a very busy person. I heard he works in anime industry. Is that true??

          1. That seems great. And yeah Gatchaman seems to be stalled at your side if I’m correct. Any update on that?? Or even you are busy these days??

          2. I’ve started on 05 but this episode is going to require quite a bit of work and effort. I’ve also been working on other things like currently airing shows and Yatterman BDs.

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