Moment of silence


As written on that news, Voice Actress Matsuki Miyu as we all know in many of her voice acting roles especially Cthuko in Haiyore Nyaruko today just passed away at young age 38 years old.

As a group that named after the Character she voiced, we deeply and I greatly moved of all her works she did in past. It’s sure a day of mourning for talent industry and also to people who enjoy piece of art that she made by her voice in Anime. Let’s take a moment of silence, may she rest in peace. Good bye Cthuko.

10 thoughts on “Moment of silence

  1. damn, she just was just getting started in her career too. i personaitly haven’t seen much of her roles. but her role in nyaruko was okay. damn why life gotta play us. many sad fans or people like me who saw her works will be from scale to sad to very sad. (⌒∩⌒)

  2. this remind me how the writer of Crayon Shin chan die. still young and having good future in career but found death in the bottom of the cliff he often the day off to.

  3. Cthuko is the best girl out of the entire series. It will be nice if you guys did do the F(inal) OVA.

    Arigato, Matsuki Miyu-san. I enjoyed your role as Anna in Shimoneta.
    You will be missed 🙁

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