11 thoughts on “Rolling Girls 11

  1. how frickin long is this “long examination period”??
    anyway I hope everything is okay with you

    1. I agree. But as Hyaku said He didn’t get a hold of Sereft for a month. But I think they can always use another editor for last episode. It would be great if they do so. Plus all the shows has started falling behind and Christmas is coming as well so everyone will be out or not working on shows and shows gets extra delays. I hope they increase their speed.

  2. Is Sereft in Australia as well or something? I’m entering exam period tomorrow (Tuesday) as well.

    Also, usual “this ain’t Yozakura Quartet” reply.

  3. Lol. I thought this series will be finished by sunday so I can enjoy watching it on monday.
    Anyway nail all the exams Sereft and come back to finish this.

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