23 thoughts on “One Punch Man 01

  1. I can’t believe how a top-tier (this time, I guess) subtitles from Daisuki could still be improved and uprade to god-tier. Awesome translations/edits! You never failed to impress me…

    1. From the Staff->Weeklies page:
      Vale (TLC)
      ryuu_zer0 (Edit)
      HyakuPercent (Time/QC)
      ntr (TS)
      vinylfreak89 (Encode)

  2. Please just release Yozakura Quartet T_T

    Why do you guys dislike that show so much and hold it ransom from me

      1. I sincerely appreciate your efforts but why you guys pick more shows when you have a huge backlog. Or just drop the previous unfinished shows. I think there might be very few(yeah i’m sure) people who will watch this show that has been finished 6 months ago. In the end it will be end up being archived nothing else and all of your efforts will be in vain(maybe not). Hope you guys will be able to finish the previous one early.

        1. We pick up shows simply because we want to. We sub for ourselves first and foremost. If you’re want unfinished shows, we have plans to release an episode or two this weekend. Everything will be done in due time. I’m fine with our work just being archived.

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