27 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds insight 03

    1. I think it is stalled at Hyaku for TS and he is already busy with Yatterman BD and currently airing shows. Even OPM is stalled at him. So no idea about dropping but you can always wait for 2 years like people who still are expecting Tsuki ni Naku from them.

  1. Really through, what’s happening with the Editor that he/she/it isn’t able to(?) do the editting work for all those episodes left hanging in Limbo?

    1. It would just be nice if someone from Cthuko could comment here or start a new thread with an update. It’s been a month already!

      1. In essence that is exactly what I meant.
        I’m one of the last to not wait for good releases(waited through the time Crowds took back then too), but Updates would be really nice.

        1. Ok, thank you. Any specific reason for the stall we may get any information on?
          Seriously through, I’d even say that your slacking isn’t that bad as long as all other episodes are still stalled at Edit… 😡

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