7 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds insight 00v2

  1. That’s gotta be like the longest “stuck at QC” ever. o.o”
    Anything up with the QC, that he/she is unable to QC Episode 2? Just wondering, since it’s really rare to see something stuck on QC, from what I’ve seen.
    Of course, it’s still less then 2 weeks(not even 1 as of now, if I’m not mistaken), so no big delay in my book, really just wondering.

      1. Ok, thanks for replying at least.
        Well, busy happens, since RL’s a bitch and stuff…at least I know you’ll deliver, and am gonna wait patiently. owo
        Just really found it a bit surprising that it was stuck on QC out of all the possible spots to be stuck at. ^^”

  2. Hi all, first of all thanks for all the hard work you put in fansubbing.
    We as fans really appreciate it. I just wanted to ask if there’s been an update on Rolling Girls. I haven’t seen an update on the status bar (I don’t want to sound rude or anything, just curious to know).

    1. I’m not on staff for that, but checking what seems to be done, I think:
      10 needs encode/time/TS/QC.
      11 needs encode/time/TS/QC. [status changed within the last week]
      12 needs edit/encode/time/TS/QC.

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