Shirobako Vol. 4

shirobako11_bd720_premux_001_13559This is the result of me slaving away for the new season

You guys probably though Gatchaman was next, huh? Sorry to disappoint but you at least you get more bakos. Apparently encoder is having some computer issues right now.

Okay ladies and gentleman. Aoi-chan, who is hosting Hestia for us, just recently lost his job and is currently having difficulties paying for the server. Because of him, we are able to provide you DDL. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help him by sending him a donation via Paypal or Google Wallet at

Similarly, I need money too. If you still have money to spare after donating to Aoi-chan, you can send some my way here. I take Paypal too. Just leave a comment or PM me on IRC and I’ll send you an address.


7 thoughts on “Shirobako Vol. 4

  1. Thank you, Cthuko!
    I wish you luck in your donation drive (?) and another job for Aoi-chan.

  2. Isn’t NCED2 meant to feature the second ending with textless as opposed to having the first ending with texts on it?

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