DanMachi 12

danmachi 12 premux[0E2F214B]_001_6213

Here’s episode 12! I couldn’t whether I should use a lewd shot of Aiz, this or another shot of Hestia for the release pick. It was pretty obvious but Hestia wins.

I don’t know when episode 13 will be done because the encoder is currently occupied with some real life issues. Hopefully, it’ll be done before Gatchaman airs.

Oh, in case you haven’t realized yet, we are planning on picking up Gatchaman Crowds insight.

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8 thoughts on “DanMachi 12

  1. I just finished watching the opening of episode 10; when I noticed that the Border color around the subtitles were changing every few seconds. Now, to be honest, I started this series with DameDesuYo subs, then switched to Cthuko at episode 05; however, because I had watched the opening at episode 01, I didn’t watch it again until now. I have to say that I was impressed. Now, I admit I am not able to create or judge subtitles to any great extent, yet I was really amazed and recognized the skill and time it must have taken to create those subtitles. I have to say “Good Job, keep up the great work” to encourage everyone here who works on these show. Please, don’t work yourselves to death or burn yourselves out. Everyone, you are the best!

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