Shirobako Vol. 1


As promised, we’ve started working on Shirobako BDs. We’ll only be doing 720p releases because there is almost no gain at higher resolutions. These are encoded in Hi444pp and includes commentary audio tracks for those who want it. Keep in mind that the commentary tracks are not subbed.

We should have some more BD releases coming soon so keep an eye out!


19 thoughts on “Shirobako Vol. 1

  1. Lastly, why do most groups use wordpress? This framework sux. Tho, other than that everything is genuine! Vivid’s website design is not bad. Tho it lacks many features like a comment system. Commiesubs’ website really rocks tho. Just my unimportant opinion to improve the interactivity between your visitors. 🙂

      1. Yeah. Didn’t notice it until now. Such a dumb statement and uneducated comment. Sorry for my mistake. I’m not an expert when it comes to Web Designing… so that’s why and also, I tend to act like I know it but actually I don’t. Just ranting about how almost all fansub sites I see everywhere are made in wordpress themes and whatnot.

        Anyway, thank you for pointing out my mistake.a

  2. Yes. A genuine group who understand genuine resolution. Gonna be a genuine fan starting now then. So love this genuine thingy. GREAT ENCODES! GREAT TRANSLATIONS! Results to a badass fansub team. You know that fans so love you right? 🙂

  3. Thanks. I’ve been waiting for a good BD rip of this.

    The OP font is missing in ep2, btw.

  4. >Yatterman
    >Rolling Girls
    >Yozakura Quartet Tsuki ni Naku
    >Yozakura Quartet BDs

    I don’t understand subgroups, why do you guys add on more things to your lists rather than finish what’s already on it? Do you guys get bored of working on specific shows and so you can’t be bothered finishing it?

    How do I put it, I’m not really complaining as such as I’m super glad you guys are doing the BluRays for Shirobako, but I really wish your other shows you worked on were already released.

    1. “why do people still work on their own releases when other people’s releases are stalled”

      1. So I guess all the shows I listed aren’t done by you then lol

        Well, sorry for repeating the same garbage everyone does unnecessarily then, but it’d still be great if some of the other shows this group has done could be finished already.

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