Rolling Girls 09

Final encode EP 09 v1 [B6C4DD9C]_001_26079

Joint with caffeine.

I’d be Chiaya’s friend!
So I only came on this late at night to release a certain show at another group but then suddenly saw messages saying that QC was done. And here I am now, releasing this.

I don’t know when the rest of the episodes will be done because vale is pretty busy. TL isn’t done yet and I don’t know when they will be.

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14 thoughts on “Rolling Girls 09

  1. just hurry up and kill this project already so i can just download horriblesubs with peace of mind

  2. Day 138 since episode 10 aired. It’s getting cold. I’ve completely forgotten where episode 9 left off. What is this anime again? Will I ever get to finish it?

    1. I doubt Rolling Girls will ever be finished. Since this is joint with Caffeine subs & they are already dead. So the stalling will be forever & most likely abandoned.

    1. seriously, as much as i want this series to be finish it seems that staff lost their interest in this show. As you can see on the staff page vale is translator for both Danmachi and Rolling girls but Danmachi releases comes time to time but all the episodes of rolling girls are stuck @TL. So in conclusion Vale tell us are you working on the rolling girls or it will take too long???

    1. bastionkid is asking so he knows who never to trust to translate an anime from start to finish in a reasonable time.

    1. That was stuck at edit for a long time but is at QC now (since about 12 hours ago). I’ll get to it tonight at home.

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