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  1. I’d appreciate you guys get
    Rolling Girls

    09 @ QC
    10 @ TL
    11 @ TL
    12 @ TL
    Yoru no Yatterman

    09 @ Edit
    10 @ TL
    11 @ Encode
    12 @ Encode

    These out first.

  2. Fansubbing is neither a made to order, nor a ready to wear industry. It’s a hobby. If you don’t like the wares, move on to the next crafts table.

        1. I’m middle aged, I guess I don’t understand these kids anymore. Back in my time we got shitsubs on Nth generation VHS tapes and we thanked the gods for it….

          1. I know It was not until funimation and crunchyroll came out about 6 years ago that anime started being available. today between the 2 you can watch almost 90% of all simulcast anime.

  3. 700MB for a TV release is ridiculous
    ask doki on irc how to reduce the file size, all their releases now are 150MB average for 720p Hi10P ACC, they have also been testing out HEVC for even smaller sizes

    1. Using Doki as a standard is a bad idea. Last time I checked, their video wasn’t the best out there…
      Also, I guess you haven’t seen UTW’s Illya releases.

  4. >We’ve had the banner up for a while, after all.

    You’re also still “attempting Sekai Seifuku.” Not sure if anyone’s noticed.

  5. I ain’t gonna complain about what you guys pick up and what you don’t cos I love the amount of effort you put into your subs, but could you please finish Yatterman and Rolling Girls before you go picking up new shows T_T

    It’s almost starting to seem like fansub groups exist for when someone redoes their subs on bluray, and it’d just be simpler to follow HorribleSubs for everything if you want to actually watch the show weekly…

    1. I agree keep up with the shows you’re doing now before adding more please. This will allow you to release full series torrents of extremely high quality picture, sound, and SUBS.

  6. …700m? Seriously? For a TV source? Are you using crf=10 or are the raws really such shait? Seriously, with such crappy sources you’d probably get better results reencoding CR’s. Oh well, at least no more awkward language in one of my top shows for the season.

    1. CRF is 15.5 and based on tests with Histogram(“luma”) needed to retain detail. Based on my other load for shows this season, I decided to go with safe, less optimized settings. There is grain in many scenes as well as very high levels of detail during motion which add to the size. There is also 2-3 seconds of pure grain which consumes 25-50 MB alone. The opening sequence is also around 75 MB. Expect future episodes to be at least slightly smaller. I may optimize settings more when I have a chance to conduct more tests regardless. Crunchyroll’s source (encoded from Sentai) is atrocious during motion scenes. I will gladly post comparisons if you like. MX is just, well MX (still better than Sentai). If you can point out specific reasons as opposed to broad assumptions why the size is not justified, I am more than willing to hear you out.

  7. I would greatly appreciate anther show from you guys, seeing as 3 other groups are doing this… I love your subs and I hate to see them wasted on something that so many other groups are doing.

  8. Why not finish Yatterman before you start subbing new anime ?

    Also, this anime was already picked by FFF & DameDesuYo. It is better if you sub an anime not subbed by others like Gunslinger Stratos or Kyoukai no Rinne

  9. The show is produced at a higher resolution. I ran some tests and it’s definitely greater or equal to 1600×900. Will you mind releasing at the real resolution at some point?

      1. Most people only need the 720 anyways. The ONLY reason you would need a 1080p is if your watching it on a 45+ HD TV. What I would love to see is if you can get your hands on the flac files in 5.1 when/if available and offer them as a separate download for people to add into the MKV file themselves.

  10. Are you guys doing any other show this season?? I hate to say these but this show has been picked up by three best fansub groups. What a waste………
    BTW good pick though. It would be great if you guys pick up Hibike! Euphonium.

    1. It is not a Waste as you say! They are making the highest quality versions they can and obviously they will get better with time. When they get better that means they will get FASTER as well.

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