Shirobako 24

[Cthuko] Shirobako - 24 [720p H264 AAC][A6AE372F]_001_33895

It’s finally over. The whole team shed tears, hoping that this would never end. Season two when?

To show that Shirobako will forever live on in our hearts, we have decided to take part in the ritual, promising that we’ll never forget. Don-Don-Donuts, let’s go nuts!

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TL: valeraukoCBK5BffUQAAR5AA

Editor: ClamXtXClamXtX_Donut

Timer: HyakuPercentIMG_20150329_102915

TS: ntrIMG_20150402_080243+(1)

QC: ryuu_zer0ryuu_zer0_donut3

QC: twinkle-


Encoder: vinylfreak89vinyl_Donut

Song TL: shark0week0
Encoder: Puff

41 thoughts on “Shirobako 24

  1. Thank you so much for this project! I really loved this anime and your subs were just SPOT ON. >.< I'm sticking with you whatever you'll be subbing next. ^-^

  2. DanMachi confirmed? Don’t do it please, it’s already picked by 2 groups. (I saw it on the website’s banner)

  3. Thanks for the work guys, can’t wait for the OVAs! Anyway, is there any plan for this season? 🙂

  4. Great ending to a great show; thank you very much for the exemplary work! I’ll be looking forward to the OVA and hope for a second season. PA Works more than redeemed themselves for Glasslip.

  5. since you’re going to do the bd’s and ova, should i assume that the tv versions will also be batched before all of this? thanks

  6. Will you be posting a batch file for those of us who were stupid and didn’t download and watch this show as it aired? Thanks.

  7. I can’t believe it’s over!!… Q__Q
    Thank you to all the staff that worked on this project!
    I didn’t think this show would get me this emotionally attached… I’ll really miss this show!

  8. Every time I eat a donut, I’ll always remember this show ;_;
    Thanks for subbing this series!

    1. The encoder is getting to it later today, so I would give it a decent shot of being done by Sunday in the Western Hemisphere. Possibly earlier, quite possibly later.

    1. I think the editor (Sereft) was busy with school/life for a while there on 9, so technically you have caffeine—the group—to blame. Looks like it’s past edit now, though.

      As for Yatterman, the editor (Kusion) is busy with being Kusion.

  9. Thank you guys so much for doing this series, the subs were fantastic! I’m gonna wait for the full release, but it’s cool to have this for the people who can’t wait.

  10. Full release… well, you’ll probably get someone to look at it properly later then, but in case – you want to layer the dialogue at 9:33 on top of the typesets for the note with delivery locations. The sign now shows on top instead.

    Thank you for great work on this show, really appreciated. Especially some sane filesizes.

    Btw, are you spicing up the start of cour 2 with the improved k-timed karaoke you did later, or is that coming for the BDs only?

    1. Ah, I see. Looks like I forgot but it’s only v0 so I didn’t really care that much.
      Everything will be updated for consistency, so yes. It will be included.

  11. 3rd Wing had problems with the last episode, fan subbers also have problems…

    This should be a fun episode to watch, Crabs and all 😉

    Thank you for subbing Shirobako!

  12. Gonna wait for the full release of this episode.

    Didn’t actually watch the show yet, since I usually follow fansubs, I wait for all episodes to release before I start watching. & this is the first release of this group I’m going to be watching… Others told me it’s awesome so I can’t wait to check it out! 🙂

    Just btw, and I apologize in advance if this has already been asked/answered:

    Have you guys done/are you planning to do the ova that release some weeks back?

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