Shirobako 23

Funny thing is, I’m not even sure I’m supposed to be releasing this. On the other hand, the release has apparently been sitting more than a few hours because nobody was around to get it out, so I’m just going to pretend everything’s okay and push this out here.

Torrent | DDL

9 thoughts on “Shirobako 23

  1. I seriously hope what happened with that meeting with the animation rep and the publishing rep is PURE fiction for the anime coz my god, if THAT’S how anime industires work, then it’s amazing how there’s still any production staff that make anime exist…

      1. … I should’ve finished the ep before writing anything… TT___TT

        Oh wow… I didn’t expect this show to be a tear-jerker for me. That ending was so touching I couldn’t help but shed a tear as well!! PA Works sure made up for their whatever they were doing with Glasslip!

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