14 thoughts on “Shirobako 22

    1. It’s planned. I don’t know if it’s officially announced or not, but my understanding is that we already have BD encodes and some work on consistency/error fixes for that already underway.

  1. Woohoo! Thank you for the release!

    And also, F*** that publishing company! How the hell do they manage to operate with such a prick mediating between the author and the animation company?! It almost makes me wanna cry TT__TT

    1. In my field we’d probably tell them to stfu with stuff this late or to expect delays and a hefty fee…
      different work ethics I guess ^^

      1. Yea that’s what I figure would be the case as well. They clearly have evidence with the email sent to them saying “yea it’s all good, keep it up” and in the last second the author says no, well tough luck, we already paid all the people and this is all done so either you pay up the extra money or shut up! lol I really hope that’s not how the industry actually works

        1. Funny story…

          The editor may be incompetent, but the author is also being a temperamental shit about it. Since they need his permission for everything, it’s clear he’s clinging to his author rights like a jealous dragon instead of giving authority to someone else. That means he has to right to pull the plug on anything on a whim.

          For all we know, the author is one of those people that gets off on making others do what he says and enjoys seeing people do pointless work for the sake of it.

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