Shirobako 17

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Vale’s Life The Animation episode 17, lets go nuts!

Things have been stalled a bit recently but we’re picking up the pace. I wanted to release this with 18 but that isn’t done yet; it’s almost done and we’re waiting for twinkle to come back to check through the script.

On another note, we recently got a new bot (or two if you didn’t realize Koneko was around). It’ll also be used for direct downloads. Special thanks to Dozo!

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24 thoughts on “Shirobako 17

  1. Subs won’t render in using CCCP’s MPC, but it seems that it was more of Haali being associated with something in the settings.

    To fix, I simply disabled all Haali associations under CCCP settings.

    Hope this helps.

    1. I will see if I can find the underlying cause using Aegisubs or notepad. I’m pretty sure I can fix it if I try. Thank you for the info though.

  2. Can confirm. I had the same problem as well. Video won’t play at the start of playback and sub won’t load with MPC. Work fine with VLC which I had as backup player. However, episode 18 works fine with MPC. I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with this episode.

  3. The episode pauses as soon as it starts but I can still skip ahead. There are also no subtitles, and mpc says there is no subtitle track.

  4. somehow the subs won’t load, the file won’t even start playback when i open it. haali says there are no subs in the matroska. mpchc will play the file if i skip a little bit (but no subs obviously ;__;). first time i’ve encountered this kind of problem in my life.

    1. Majority of our viewers haven’t experienced this problem so I believe that the problem is on your end; it’s either that or no one is vocal enough about it.
      You shouldn’t be using haali to begin with. It’s pretty outdated. For the best experience, you probably want to use LAV.

      The subtitle track is definitely in there. I’ve confirmed it myself.

      1. i don’t want to be a dick here, but out of the over 5000 files i’ve played with this setup i’m having here, this one was the first to show this kind of behaviour, so i’m thinking that the possibility that the problem lies on my end might be quite low, even though it still exists.

  5. Thanks guys, Hope you guys doing double release on 18 and 19, It feels better to watch 2 episodes at same time than waiting for more episodes.

  6. Around the PV with the dolls in the first half, the video slows down and skips a bit. I re-downloaded the ep and it fucks up in the same way in the same spot.

    1. I forget which part you’re talking about but there was some heavy (read: lag-inducing) typesetting somewhere in there.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if that were it, anyhow.

      1. Strange since I’ve only ever had my machine slowed by TS once before and it was covering almost the entire screen.

    1. ntr finally had time to finish it. Also 18’s TS.

      I also just am checking in and don’t have time to QC 18 now, but I don’t think ryuu_zer0’s looked at it either…

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