Yoru no Yatterman 01-02 (02v2)


So yeah, we’re doing this show too. I guess we’ve got a thing for Tatsunoko and/or masked individuals? It was unfortunately delayed as a result of staff being out and busy the last few weeks. We’ll try to catch up with the next couple episodes as soon as we can. Episode 04’s already been translated, so there’s progress, anyhow.

Enjoy. The file size is because we love you guys. Also, you must have extra hard drive space because our Shirobako releases haven’t weighed in at much. (before anyone comments, it’s mostly the source and action going on…)

TOR (01) | DDL

TOR (02v2) | DDL
02 -> 02v2 patch

EDIT: v2 because Hyaku a stinx and more or less muxed in the wrong script (no QC) and no fonts. I sure hope I didn’t screw anything up merging Hyaku’s changes with mine.

EDIT2: Um yeah, I actually did forget at least one thing I’d fixed in my script originally. Apologies for the lack of sign tracking at 4:26. No v3.

7 thoughts on “Yoru no Yatterman 01-02 (02v2)

  1. Thanks so much for picking this up! Guess I’m switching from Commie to Cthuko. Keep up the great work and looking forward to episode 3.

  2. Don’t know but… this is 2015, if people can’t afford HDD space then they shouldn’t be watching 720p releases, let alone archiving them.

  3. Appreciated cause a certain memesubs is pretty slow. You sure you guys not too busy though? Good luck.

    1. Trust me. We are. x_x

      To be fair, there’s some staff overlap between shows but delays for one generally haven’t been related to delays for the others.

  4. Oh, thank goodness, I thought I had to choose between Commie or Funi for this. And the former of those two is being slow anyway, so might as well wait for however long your releases take while I’m at it.

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