Shirobako 14

We lived up to the reputation, huh? @TS. Hey, at least you can watch this before 15 airs in Japan, right?

On an administrative note, HyakuPercent’s going to be out a couple (more) weeks, this time for real, but we’ll try to keep things rolling along by summoning replacements and overworking the rest of the crew. Pun unfortunately intended.

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16 thoughts on “Shirobako 14

  1. Didn’t you guys say you’d stylise the OP subs more for the next episode (being this one)?

    I’m thoroughly saddened the colourful letters from the previous OP did not return 🙁

    1. ntr’s been the TSer the whole time for Shirobako, as for some of the previous shows too. But we can blame hyaku anyway.

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