Rolling Girls 01v2

[Cthune] Rolling Girls - 01 [720p H264 AAC][854C95EA]_001_24863

This is a joint with the lovely people over at caffeine.

Sorry this was late. I was busy fapping to Dog Days working on other projects for other groups. First episodes are always hectic.

Edit: So the audio was misflagged as 1 channel. The problem has now been fixed and you can find the patch for it here.

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7 thoughts on “Rolling Girls 01v2

  1. Go do Tsuki ni Naku, please. We all know this show looks fun, but isn’t probably be anything special in the end.

    Not that I am thinking the editors for the two shows are the same person, I just wanted to say it.

    1. TnN is on Shirobako’s editor. We’re giving him the evil eye, don’t worry. Rolling Girls is edited on caffeine’s side, fwiw. You guessed correctly that they’re not the same person. I also kind of prodded the people stalling GC12DC relatively recently, and so did vale. Wow, me so gud at teh fansubbans.

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