Shirobako 09

shirobako_-_09[FA663BB2]_001_32167Arupin and friends think we’re doing a good job keeping up the pace.

I forgot one of our QCs wasn’t going to be around because he went to AFA. That means this should have been released earlier but wasn’t… Sorry about that.

Torrent | DDL

9 thoughts on “Shirobako 09

  1. Missed this post until now with the ep10 release since I use the Shirobako tag rss feed. :V
    Thanks for the release, but maybe add the missing tag.

  2. Just want to note that one of the anime in the BD rankings that Honda-san is checking is 強気サドル, which should be Tsuyoki Saddle (instead of Yosugi Roll), for the obvious Yowapedal joke.

    Otherwise, thanks for getting this out for us every week; you guys are doing a great job, and this show is one of the bright spots of the season.

    1. Got misled by how that’s nowhere to be seen on Amazon toplists… (And Yosugi Doll sounds similar.) You’re right though.

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