Shirobako 07

The circle of donuts.

I guess we’re kind of caught up. I still don’t quite know the status of the other projects, but vale did promise to get the Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku stuff translated by the end of December at worst. Something in that range, anyhow. I think GC’s still at Hyaku. And that damned Hyaku’s never here when it’s time to release, so I keep having to make these posts here (and elsewhere). grumblegrumblegrumble

Anyway, enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “Shirobako 07

  1. End of December? Doesn’t soubd bad, at least it’s this year… 😉

    Thanks for the releases~ (me doesn’t say thank you enough)

    1. Roughly, those are the grunt-work animators who draw the frames that go in between the keyframes given to them. Keyframes are done by more senior and talented staff.


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