Shirobako 06

Dark times indeed.

Massive delays due to vale being sick and various people being out.

I have no idea what 07’s status is (meaning, literally I haven’t checked and thus don’t know, and relevant people are out right now; note that I am not a HyakuPercent) or if we’re doing the Sekai Seifuku OVA or who knows what else. I’ve been kind of busy and not really checking on things. I just saw this was at me, so I did my thing and got this out. Bye.

edit: btw a lot of the staff really like this show. I wouldn’t worry about us dropping more than any other group dropping anything.

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11 thoughts on “Shirobako 06

  1. nice work again from you guys! i don’t mind the delays, you guys go have a good life! just don’t drop ittttt… 😛 😛 😛 thanks again!!!

  2. Hey, you’re in good company – everyone seems to be busy this season. Thanks for working on this series – I hope you’ll stick to completing it nevertheless.

  3. You forgot the Shirobako tag in this post which prevents it from showing up to users tracking your release via rss.

    Thanks for the release, love this show!

    1. Got it now, thanks. I haven’t drafted a release post here in a while; elsewhere, the common tags are more obvious maybe.

    1. fwiw this kind of stuff happened during YZQ and other shows and previously with the same staff elsewhere and previously with all kinds of staff in pretty much every group. All of us have been at this for several seasons, some much longer than that. But it’s always a possibility.

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