Shirobako 05v2


Looks like we’re faster than the last few weeks this time. It’s “late” where I am right now so I’m just going to leave it at that; good morning everyone.

twinkle edit: v2 now for a sextacular typo fix, minor script revisions, minor consistency improvement, and fixed font in OP (I hope).

Torrent (v2) | DDL

Patch (for v1 -> v2, includes xdelta)

21 thoughts on “Shirobako 05v2

  1. Hi, I hope you guys are planning to sub the sekai seikufu oav, you ‘ve done a great work on the TV show, it would be nice to see you again on this show.

  2. Probably not the place to ask but after you guys to Tsuki ni Naku BDs do you plan on doing BDs for Hana no Uta?

    1. It wasn’t supposed to be funny. The line indicates a different show title than the one used in Japan for the actual show (like all the other anime show references), which is what the subtitles do.

      That said, I’m wondering if going for a near homophone is better than a near synonym, as that would be a little more consistent. e.g. Bunny and Clover. Not sure it makes much difference, and some people would misunderstand the intent anyway.

      1. Updated. See new link. If you get the v2 elsewhere, you don’t need this patch. This is for anyone who has the v1.

    1. >sex years

      Typo, sorry. Syrup and Clover is obviously not a typo. Note that the series name is Hachimitsu to Clover in Japan, so they changed it here to Honey, but “Honey” is how it’s known internationally, so along the lines of making every series name reference not exact, it needs changing again.

      Taking down torrent atm. Looks like Hyaku forgot fonts, so I’ll be making a v2 after another look through the script for dumb stuff (the sex years was my fault, after all. went through making numbers consistent with how they were in other episodes and did that and obviously spellcheck doesn’t catch that).

      1. Thank you for your hard work!

        Why not just make it “Hunny and Clover”? It’s what Winni the Pooh calls honey, so it’s making the intention of destinction clear while keeping the reference obvious, plus it’s near homophone. Just my 2ct 🙂

  3. Why did you change the OP? This one looks so much worst, same for the font, the other one was fine/better too.

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