9 thoughts on “Shirobako 02

  1. 6:30-7:17 – Aren’t they talking about (and showing) the storyboard here, not the screenplay?
    15:45 – Definitely not an assistant.

    1. Indeed.
      He does seem to have problems with screenplay though. Shouldn’t the screenplay be finished already by the time they start on storyboards?

      1. Yeah, vale confirmed both as wrong.

        I made a comment about screenplay/storyboard on script, but I guess it was left as-is and not changed. I went to bed right after my pass and have no idea what happened after that. As noted earlier, TS placement and consistency (timestamps, getting everything down, etc.) seems to be an issue so far, but I think we can do something about it.

        1. I should really get back into fansubbing (never really been “in” it though)
          Also I’m drunk so please don’t take this seriously.

    1. Noted, thanks. TS was running late and QC started before that was in, so I guess that one slipped through. Sorries.

      Actually, I caught a few of those at QC last week (well, one or two of those being missing), so since this seems like a recurring issue, maybe we should figure out a different way of handling signs.

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