Shirobako 01

[Cthuko] Shirobako - 01 [720p H264 AAC][E2FB3DA5]_001_6091

Vale’s Life The Animation episode 01, lets go nuts!

We released this about 8 hours ago but server and site was down. Everything seems to be up and running now so lets hope it stays that way!

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13 thoughts on “Shirobako 01

    1. Within 24 hours of airing is an optimistic target for each week, considering it airs on a weekday when staff have plenty of real life obligations, the scripts are looking about 450+ lines, we’re doing an original translation, we’re going to kill our typesetter, etc. It will likely be later than that a lot of the time.

      Ep 2 finished airing less than 10 hours ago on the first station in Japan.

  1. I’m glad to Cthuko pick this up; I wasn’t sure what to expect but enjoyed this episode. Thanks for your good work – keep it up!

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