Gatchaman Crowds 11-12 [END]

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_12_[Mux][F667EBE0]_001_23787I know I said that I wanted to release these a long time ago, but what can I do?

The important thing is it’s finally out! I know, I’m disappointed it took this long to release too but this happened and that happened and I could give you an unnecessarily long explanation as to why this has been delayed months (has it been a year yet?). All I have to say is I’m sorry! I just want to thank everyone who stuck around waiting for our release. I doubt I would have the motivation left this up without knowing that some of you are waiting.

Oh, Just a friendly reminder. Episode 12 is the TV version! It is not the director’s cut that is included on the BDs! Please don’t bother asking whether this is the director’s cut or not. I will just laugh at you for not being able to read.

On another note, I will be posting a status update on all of our projects and what may/may not be happening over here at Cthuko.

Torrent | DDL

Torrent | DDL

22 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 11-12 [END]

  1. FINALLY! Thank you Cthuko, for finally releasing this… XD …and that release happened when I wasn’t checking for 2 days, whilst checking every single day before…

  2. >the tv version
    …so, why? what was the point? OCD that somebody may want to watch the tv version for some reason? or maybe the BD one was just plain not translated…

    1. TV version is what was announced for a while.

      I don’t think we have a proper BD source. Anyway, as it is, the extra scenes are not ready because they’re not translated or edited (or timed). You could lump them in with the long-backlog stuff for translators to do like YzQ Tsuki no Naku, for example.

      It’s been at TS for a while, so nobody other than TS / QC had to touch this stuff in a long time for TV release.

      If we were to get around to doing the BD release, most of the work on the TV version would apply or just need to be modified.

      1. I was waiting for you guys to watch the bonus scenes… guess I will have to do with what’s available. Besides, tbh, I’d much more prefer the translators work on Tsuki ni Naku. Holding my fingers crossed ‘ere.

        1. Apparently I was wrong about us not having the source. I just didn’t know about it. In fact, a certain basedvale just uploaded it for us, so my forecast for it showing up and being worked on has turned sunnier.

          I also kind of want to see Tsuki ni Naku too.

  3. Holy shit, what am I seeing? I can’t believe this o.O
    Thanks for finishing it. Finally XD

  4. Congrats on finally getting it out. What are your plans for this coming season? I see your plans for Spring fell through, or are those also in the pipeline?

    1. You literally mentioned it in the post. That’s what I get for not reading it all.

  5. Having trouble believing this, but thanks. I like your stuff and hope you continue subbing.

  6. I did a double take when I saw this announced in #news; thank you for seeing this through to completion! I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve put out as Cthuko and hope to see you continue.

  7. Thanks! Now if I only could remember what happened in the previous episodes. Maybe it’s time to marathon it.

    1. Well, the first half of ep 11 technically gives you a lot of recap material.

      There’s this Berg Katze villain and something about CROWDS and these transforming superhero main chars. I think that’s enough to go on. (note: I totally didn’t remember much myself when looking at these episodes recently, whoops)

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