Spring Plans

So here’s the post that I promised. This season, what we’re aiming to do is complete our current backlog and maybe pick up two or three shows.

The backlogs mentioned will primarily consist of Gatchaman Crowds (TV), YZQ Hana no Uta batch, YZQ Hoshi no Umi and Sekai Sifuku. Anything else will be of lower priority.

The Tsuki ni Naku ONAs will be done when TL-kun(s) have the time and are bothered. Hana no Uta batch will also be coming this week. I initially did want to release it before the season started but I became really busy with uni and real life.

For those who don’t believe me, rest assured! Gatchaman Crowds will definitely be done within the near future. I have taken the previous typesetter off the project and gotten someone else to finish it off. Because the new typesetter is busy, we cannot guarantee you that it will be done ASAP. However, I am trying to push the release out before the month ends.

Sekai Seifuku is now making steady progress and will most likely be released within the next few days. There was missing staff as well as a number of us being busy with real life (or just being lazy) but things are now back in order. You can expect both episodes soon™.

I know this is a bit late, but this season we have two confirmed projects. Although things will be done slightly differently this season, you can definitely expect what you usually get in our releases. These projects will be done at a slower pace than our usual projects as we are quite busy this season.

The two confirmed projects are:

  • Captain Earth
  • Soul Eater Not!

I also want to do Akuma no Riddle but we are currently short on staff. What we need most here is a translator and an editor. Interested groups/individuals will should contact me via IRC. We may/may not need to test you on your abilities as we would like to uphold a level of standards. No hard feelings if you don’t meet the requirements.
There are plans for a joint on Akuma no Riddle. You can look forward to that when we release.

39 thoughts on “Spring Plans

  1. Can we officially assume that the group is dead? I’m not waiting for GC any longer, well, not counting season 2 which will finish sooner than this group’s subs of S1, but the OVAs stalled at TL are a subject of my interest. The problem is, will we see them before the year ends? :/

    1. I’d like to know HOW you came to that conclusion, if we do look at the fact that the dates of the last releases were: May 15th, April 27th, April 25th, April 21st and March 17 before that…so…how? How did you come to that kind of conclusion, if the last release wasn’t even 1 month ago and there have been no releases for longer than a month at not just 1 time? Also, the last answer of a staff member towards a comment was on May 30th, so, where are signs of them being dead? Just taking there time, but THAT is something you should be used to, if you had hopes for GatchaC at any time, through I still have them…just being annyoed that the 12th still stuck at TS, which I personally don’t give that much about(TL-Notes would do it for me too, most of the time), but am really wondered, that the 11th’s stuck at QC this long now…but still waiting for it, “Gutding will Weile haben.”, how we germans like to say it.

      So, getting back to the point: HOW did you come to the conclusion that this group is dead? Or did I maybe miss something important?

      1. Sauerkraut.

        No, but seriously, I was mostly being sarcastic while throwing in an inquiry about the status of the OVAs @TL.

        1. I hate Sauerkraut… 😡

          Oh, ok, my fault then I guess, SRY, didn’t get the sarcasm there…sarcasm-font much needed…

  2. > These projects will be done at a slower pace than our usual projects

    So the subs will be done sometime in 2016, right?

      1. You sure are trying. Haha hah… haah.
        Nah, it’s cool. I’m too busy to watch Gatchaman anyway.

    1. I don’t know who added the info or if it’s been updated recently (it’s not technically EveTaku), but more or less, yeah.

      But note two more important things:
      1. there is nonzero work done and it looks like it’s probably happening
      2. don’t expect any releases on it this week (editor is busy IRL but actually won’t be later on and isn’t saddled with many other fansubbing jobs this season, so this shouldn’t be a chronic issue)

      1. Do you guys think you guys will be able to catch up before the last episode? lol

        1. That would be a rather bold prediction. It’s possible perhaps, but I definitely wouldn’t count on it.

          Actually, I’m somewhat concerned about the typesetting workload (again).

  3. >These projects will be done at a slower pace than our usual projects

    I’ve a lot to watch before I even get to Gatchaman or Sekai Seifuku, so I can wait for those new shows, too… I guess I am *kinda* grateful for all your hard work!

  4. I have to praise you for releasing *something*. Unfortunately, I’ve already seen the Hoshi no Umi OVAs a few months ago, but it’s still good that we got the release.

    Now, as for the new season; Captain sakuga is oversubbed as fuck and SEN is… well, let’s just say it’s not the best show out there. But seeing you guys sub Akuma no Riddle would be pretty sweet. Iirc, there’s no capable group doing the show, and assuming you’d finish it in this season, I’d gladly give your version a try. Hopefully you can find the needed staff.

    And Hyaku? Being the leader of this group must be hard, buddy. I feel for you.

    1. I second that about Captain Earth. What’s the point? There are already way too many groups subbing it, and at least one or two of them are actually doing a solid job with it. There’s literally no reason for you to do it. At least pick up a show that doesn’t have 5 other groups subbing it weekly already.

        1. It’s kind of useless, though. Better just delay to the BDs, and do the timing/typesetting directly on them.

          Actually, you’d better go sub something old and good. There are numerous shows out there that are better than Captain Earth, yet do not have a decent release. Or any release.

          fnord, if you read this some day, go do Cream Lemon: Lemon Angel.

          1. Why are you a jerk? He just said that they sub what they want to sub, and you say they should sub something they probably have no interest in? Not cool.

          2. I sincerely hope they do not solely have interest in Captain Earth. There are so many unsubbed old shows that certainly they collectively have interest in at least one of them?

            Also, my comment doesn’t read that jerk-y to me, “useless”* is an objective description in this case. Mind you, I do tons of things nobody has use for, so I’d be the last to say this is bad or something. It’s enjoyable, it’s fun, it’s all the reasons people do fansubs in the first place… which doesn’t change the least this assessment.

            *”kind of” is there for the small amount of people who would actually wait for Cthuko, but will not wait for the BDs. I personally will wait for somebody to do the BDs with Cthuko subs for Captain Earth.

      1. What ntrHyaku said above. I don’t care who’s out there translating it, it’s fun to do and actually a good show (hopefully it’s gonna stay that way), and that’s more than enough.

  5. For Gatchaman Crowds, are you doing the updated last episode for the last episode, with the added scenes from the BD? Or are you going with the TV release?

    1. Woah, what happened there? I thought I edited that…
      So yeah, just asking if last episodes of Gatchaman will be from TV or BD (with added scenes)?

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