World Conquest On Hold

So we’re putting our world conquest on hold. No, not really. There will be delays this week because some of us have life commitments and such.

Edit: Things are being worked on and you can expect some things soon™.

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      1. Soonish for reals this time.

        I think it’s more likely than not that at least something’s getting released by Monday night.

  1. I can wait for a quality release since there’s so much other stuff to watch, but do you think it’ll be possible to have the last episodes of this and GC out before June?

  2. Hyaku at least tell me you will do GC Director’s Cut with the new TSer. Nobody has subbed that yet and it should be quite short (~12 minutes) and literally everyone who watched GC is still waiting patiently for that. Commie would fuck it up with their retarded Hajime lingo and HS obviously won’t touch it. Come on you guys can redeem yourselves here.

  3. Didn’t you guys almost shut down because of shit like this happening?

    Come on, don’t try to hide the fact your a corpse is a suit now. Just admit defeat and move along, or do you like all the negative attention your getting from this?

    1. wtf are you talking about. Them “shutting” down was a joke and a reference to Miyazaki retiring all the time. Also, how entitled can you be for your free anime and be so aggressive to those subbers that work without pay.

    2. Now that I scroll down this comment section, I just see numerous shitty comments from you. Don’t you have anything better to do than complain because of muh animu not on time

    3. I took Gatchaman’s TS off the show (he’s actually MIA so he’s actually all the reasons for delays) and replaced him with a new TS. It should be coming some time soon.

      1. What about Zvezda? Gatchaman is already delayed for so many months, Zvezda is in its second week of delays only. Do you at least have the TL for ep12? I just can’t help but hope that the side pane is out of date…

        1. tbh I don’t even know what the new TSer is working on. The above is somewhat ambiguous because “Gatchaman’s TS” means the guy who worked on Gatchaman (stalled this), YZQ (didn’t stall this, at least never that much), and Zvezda (stalled this). But Zvezda ep 12 is pretty much unstarted, unfortunately. Vale’s been mostly out due to real life I guess, and Rekyu’s been a cucumber unwilling to start in the meantime.

          YZQ Hoshi no Umi is not actually at QC for those eps but rather just k-timing/kfx I think ever since song TL was done relatively recently; that’s actually a couple months outdated.

          1. A blog post detailing all this would be nice, assuming there’s anything more to elaborate on. Either way, it’s good to know not all hope is lost i guess.

          2. Fuck karaoke.

            So, vale and rekyu are stalling Zvezda12 and Tsuki ni Naku, Hoshi no Umi is done but nobody cares, so you may as well do some useless shit like kara on it too, and the new TS is (maybe) doing either Zvezda11 or Gatcha. Or both at the same time.

            …could be worse. Looking forward to… well, everything.

      2. Oh fuck you, Hyaku. I watched the remaining two episodes the other day and now you do this to me, you cruel bastard. Argh.

        …will it be the director’s cut, at least?

  4. Welp, still nothing~ was a decent ride guys (to the sub group) but I’ll have to take my leave now and start using other groups for now on. Thx for work you have done till now.

    1. Yeah. Seriously guys, I’m more and more inclining to watch GC with HS/Commie subs. I don’t think they are that bad and even slightly bad subs are better than none.

      1. I’ve been thinking the same lately. The only reason I’m waiting for Cthuko’s version is the director’s cut. But frankly, even that is getting less and less important as I’m starting to lose interest in the whole series because of this ridiculously long wait.

        Whatever Cthuko went for when they created this group, they didn’t succeed sadly…

    2. I think the reason ostensibly for not releasing a v0 with some missing TS is that we figured most people who were interested in just seeing mostly the rest of the plot and all would just watch CR, which was not too bad for GC.

      But there’s a whole lot of stuff on-screen text that’s not unimportant that I’m sure CR didn’t translate, so I figure it could be worth a second watch whenever we finally get stuff done. I guess.

      To be honest, I forget if we have BDs for GC. The show sold very poorly. When we release GC it could well be TV version (for now), so don’t count on the extra scenes.

      1. That could have been handled with a TL Note for the v0. I know I’ve seen groups in the past release the translation for large amounts of on-screen text via a separate text file when the typesetting would end up as a ridiculous amount of work, which is a far better option than indefinitely delaying the entire project.

        As for the BD version of the final GC episode, there are RAWs available so someone has to have it.


    1. …and because of people like you it actually feels somewhat “right” that they aren’t finishing it…though I finally wanna see the last 2 episodes too…

    2. Now, now, Mr. useless faggot group (strange name…). Calm down and try to stay patient. We’ll get the release soon*.

      *soon can mean any time frame ranging from 1 day to 1 year. We ask for your understanding.

    3. I don’t really like delays either, but there’s more TS work in GC episode 11 than some entire shows, and our typesetter does weekly shows for other groups too (actually, same goes for the entire staff). The translation for that was late, and when things are late and the workload is enormous, things tend to get later. That’s an observation, not an excuse. Anyway, it’s not like everybody in the group likes delaying and that they all have the skills to pitch in either.

      IIRC Seifuku 11 was heavy on TS but not ridiculous. To be honest, it’s something of a surprise to me that it’s not done yet. People were busy or missing, but they’re mostly back now.

      If you’re very good at typesetting, you’re welcome to try helping if you really want. Otherwise, keep keepin’ it classy, folks.

  6. Hyaku, why is your group so incompetent? You better not be stupid and pick up some new show next week before finishing this one.

    1. Just to correct something: 6 people(including me) that commented waiting for GC…

      “Incompetent” is the absolutely wrong word…they are competent. Delays like this do happen if the group is small, but I at least you’re right that it’d be really stupid to pick up another show with the status of Zvezda and GC…

  7. No need to make a new post just for that. Just change the status to @TS and we’ll know.

    Okay seriously now. Hyaku, when will GC be out? Spring season is almost upon us and some of us idiots here are still waiting for your release. Heck, I haven’t even seen the episodes ’cause I refuse to watch any version other than yours. And I’m sure there’s more of us out there, waiting patiently (probably like 10 people). Will it be out in March? April? Give us something other than those two dreaded letters, man.

      1. Three of us.

        Really if your team isn’t able to finish it, tell us so. So we would not be blindly waiting for impossible.

        1. Same goes for Yozakura. You were so nicely progressing with the series but the OVAs are stuck for months on QC. QC! Does it really take so long to control it?

          1. I’m waiting for it too! ntr promised that he will get it done ASAP. If he doesn’t deliver, you guys can have his neck.

            As for YZQ OVAs, 01-02 are pretty much ready for release. It just needs OP and ED which have not been translated yet.

          2. I guess they want to release all three episodes together. I hope so at least. I wish they’d TS the third one already. I wish vale would translate the Tsuki ni Naku episodes, too. I guess I need a genie or something…

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