11 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 09

  1. Out of curiosity, is actually anyone working on GC or anything YZQ related? The latter’s been at QC for like four months already while the former is stuck in TS-limbo. I’m not watching your Sekai Kate sucks releases any longer, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing the other two released.

    See you next month, Hyaku-kun!

  2. I understand they will be done when they’re done, and that their status is at the side, but is there anything else to say about the other series? Any information would nice.

  3. >this could have been released earlier but it’s here now

    wonder what you’ll say when Gatchaman lands (in late 2015)

    1. I imagine that they’ll say the same thing, as the same thing would still be applicable.

        1. lol… Are guys releasing the BD edition or the TV version? And is it close to being done?

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