Sekai Seifuku 08

ssbnz_-_08[55695647]_001_21612We’re late once again?!

At this point, I give up on trying to do things on time… Releases will come when they’re done and we’ll try to keep things within 24hrs; no promises though.

I’m already late for uni so that’s all from me.

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8 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 08

  1. I don’t know why this is, but at the intermission screen my VLC always chokes on a dick and freezes up. Forcing me to force quite it, then skip the intermission scene. This has happened for every single one before it too.

    1. That’s because it is heavy TSed. If you have codecs up to date then it is a matter of your hardware, I have the same problem.

      1. Well…it’s lagging like shit for me at that point(VLC as well; codecs up-to-date, but no CCCP, DivX instead) but doesn’t freeze, so, if you aren’t having something even more crappy then my Comp(3GB Intel CPU, 1GB DDR1 Memory, bad on-board GPU) it shouldn’t be problem besides the Lag…also I still have Skype and Firefox active while watching…so, freezing seems rather strange to me… O.o”

        1. Yeah, while typing I forgot with which I was agreeing, for me it’s also only lagging as hell but it goes through, furtunately no freezing.

  2. Typesetting at 11:25 (transition from part A to part B) makes me drop frames (XySubFilter) Fairly certain it’s not a problem on my end but who knows.

    1. Normally I would say it’s your codec but in this case, it’s just that your hardware isn’t able to render the subs quick enough. So in this case, it is a problem on your end. It renders just fine on my end in case if you’re wondering.

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