Sekai Seifuku 05-06

[Cthuko] Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda - 06 [720p H264 AAC][8D8CC3C2]_001_1644

Sorry about the delay guys! Last week’s episode was delayed because both our translators were missing and/or wasn’t able to translate throughout the week. Asides from that, staff members were also a bit of lazing about. This week’s episode was delayed because my net exploded and I had a university orientation day to take care of (no, I am not a first year).

Well whatever the case, you get two week’s worth of Kate today! In the end, it’s all worth the wait, right?

We have also updated the ending to official lyrics. For those who noticed the positioning of the letters were slightly off before, I have altered it slightly so that problem should be fixed.

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Torrent | DDL

14 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 05-06

  1. Hyaku-kun, could you confirm whether you guys will be doing episode 12’s director’s cut? If not, I might as well grab Commie’s version for those last two episode. Otherwise season 2 will air before you guys finishing typesetting #11 and #12 (at this point I believe that the episode’s full of signs with a few character lines in-between).

      1. Must’ve missed it, then. My bad.

        Then it’s back to waiting, it seems. Fuck. I guess outsourcing the TS-job is out of the question?

  2. The placement of Kate and Roboko’s names on the blackboard are backwards, and the eyecatch says Part 2 instead of Part 1. It also lags like a motherfucker, but at least it looks good.

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