Sekai Seifuku 02


Both of our encoders were away and people were disappearing this week but we somehow managed to pull through. We’re also changed over to CR as our video source. You could probably tell by watching last week’s episode that MX was pretty bad. Don’t forget that the banner competition ends on the 24th. Enjoy your weekly dose of Kate.

Ah, leecher-kun pointed out that Odin was missing from the name list which went up with the previous release post so here it is.

Один (One)

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19 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 02

  1. How many banner designs won? it’s pretty much a new one every time i’m on (although i haven’t seen mine yet 🙁 )

  2. Thanks for the subs!
    10:43 – should be “works in this world”
    12:51 – should be “as much as”
    14:03, 14:13 – if i’m not mistaken, “hanbaagu” is usually translated as “salisbury steak”, and “hanbaaga” as “hamburger”

    1. Pretty sure it’s BD, i think Tsuki ni Naku is DVD though(seeing as it’s only been released with the volume 14’s special edition atm)

  3. И да, спасибо большое за релиз, я просто по полу катаюсь от происходящего

  4. What was the actual pun with Jimon’s name? “Asatte”?..

    Not that I didn’t like the reference.

    1. Now that I think about it… Was it seriously nothing more than “The day after tomorrow” and “Two days from tomorrow” in the base?

      Yeah, I like your version better.

      1. We had a hard time writing the joke and there isn’t really an english equivalent for it. She speaks in Horishima dialect so we decided to give her a different english dialect.

        1. I think what you guys did works just fine. It kinda feels, in a rather lulzy manner, that they are breaking his name down into nothing. He is joining a super evil cult after all! Thinking about it, the names you chose fit much better.

    1. quite ruckus indeed when things were late, ryuu_zer0 had to pass, and I stunk up the joint. btw also “It’s not exactly here to join this group” is supposed to be “I’m” at 12:23 too.

      Future eps shouldn’t be this sloppy usually, sorry.

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