World Conquest 101

Sekai Seifuku - 01 [premux]_001_19258Isn’t she just adorable?!

Kate is telling you guys to become her minion and download the release, otherwise she’ll cry. Don’t make her cry! I’d become her minion any day. Just saying. By the way, the first step to world domination is to become Kate’s slave.

I should mention that the title sign is lacking. This is only a temporary measure until we can get it to a satisfactory level. Those signs should be ready before next week and will be included in episode 02 and onward.

While I’m here making a long post, I would like to ask if you loyal fans could come up with a banner for us (because I suck with Photoshop and a-koi changed to the same theme recently. We don’t want to look like them). The dimensions must be 1600 x 230 pixels. Fellow staff members and I will pick out 3 of the best banners (if we actually get that many entries…) and we will also mention you in a  post to celebrate your conquest (you may remain anonymous if you wish). Submissions will end on the 24th of January, and we will announce winner(s) on the 26th along with the release of Sekai Seifuku 03. To enter, just post your pictures in the comments below or PM me on IRC.

And without further or do, here’s the first episode of Sekai Seifuku! Enjoy your dose of Kate! She’s so cute~

Torrent | DDL

Edit: Seems like I forgot to add this little note. The list below are Russian names and their respective meanings. Obviously related to character names.

    Венера Venera (Venus)
    Два Dva (Two)
    Пламя Plamya (Flame)
    Галактика Galaktika (Galaxy)
    Пепел Pepel (Ash)
    Звезда Zvezda (Star)
    Ум Um (Mind)

45 thoughts on “World Conquest 101

  1. Even though FFF is doing this show as well, and already managed to release episode 2, I will stick with you guys because… well… well, just because!


  2. Are you going to be doing the Gatchaman Crowds BluRay, that includes the Directors Cut of episode 12?

    1. There’s a director’s cut for the episode? Let’s all hope it doesn’t involve a lot more TS to do. ~_~

      I haven’t heard it mentioned before, but I imagine HyakuPercent at least would want to do it.

  3. I almost skipped this show, but saw your release and you guys deliver with the wacky comedies. Fantastic subs, but were you intentionally dumbing down Kate when she says Lincoln “was weak to bullets” instead of “vulnerable”? She’s already oversimplifying by not saying “projectiles” to relate her tank defense.

    1. P.S. If I’m nitpicking, it’s ’cause you set such a high bar with your past work. I just sampled your main competition, and egad it was bad, by comparison. At least you consistently get the basic nuances correct.

    2. Hm, I don’t think that’s as much dumbing down as “was weak to bullets” being a bit nonstandard and thus funnier. YMMV.

  4. I’d just like to remind everyone that Hyaku has been holding the last two episodes of Gatchaman Crowds hostage for months now.

  5. Сам не ожидал, что японцы запилят тайтл с русскими именами %)
    Прикольное у них произношение))

  6. >a-koi changed to the same theme recently. We don’t want to look like them

    wouldn’t want to be mistaken for some shitty group that finishes their projects, eh?

  7. I guess you should add that “Odin” probably stands for “One” in Russian (“Один”, with second syllable stressed), not for Norse god (Which is also “Один” in Russian, but with first syllable stressed).

  8. You give me Crowds, and I’ll kick you in the b- I mean, I’ll give you a banner. Deal?

    I assume you know I’m just teasing you a little, Hyaku, but part of me is genuinely afraid that *this* show will be done before we get Crowds’ last two episodes… and I also hate myself for downloading this right now.

    1. Excluding Aniplex shows (which, afaik, are encoded by Aniplex) aren’t all the CR’s encoding shit?
      Anyway, Sekai Seifuku CR is god tier and it’s visibly better than the TS.
      I think a bit of debanding and a good sharp resize is all the source needs (I’d say debilinear/debicubic/invks (I’d say the upscale is bilinear, but I’ve not really checked) with masked 1080p text).

      1. >Excluding Aniplex shows (which, afaik, are encoded by Aniplex) aren’t all the CR’s encoding shit?

        It’s more of a crapshoot, but you’re right that CR’s video is always much better for Aniplex shows.

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