Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 13 (END)


Well, Vale’s gone, but Rekyu saved the day (*ahem* where he usually only splits TL duties… don’t want to imply that a certain someone only flits in and out as he pleases. or maybe I do). Wow, how often have those words ever been spoken or written together? Hyaku’s not around to make this post or adjust the ED because it’s 2014 over there. Or so I hear. Anyway, that’s the end of this season for us.

The OVAs and Gatchaman are still being worked on. I guess you’ll need to wait until next year for those.

Happy New Year! ( / New Year’s Eve)


Translator: valerauko, Rekyu
Editor: ClamXtX, twinkle-
Timer: lunr, HyakuPercent
Karaoke: HyakuPercent
Typesetter: ntr
QC: ryuu_zer0, twinkle-, HyakuPercent
Encoder: Puff, Yuyu, Xythar

Thanks to aers who has provided us transportstream like almost whole season for this series…

30 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 13 (END)

  1. It’s been asked before, but never answered: why Himemo, when it’s clearly written and pronounced Himememo? Doesn’t sound like much of a localisation to me…

        1. >not getting shit from leechers
          Groups always get shit from leechers so we (well me anyways) don’t really care how much people try to give us shit.
          And thanks, your words have been heard/seen~

  2. Thanks for putting all this out.
    As for the OVA’s, are you going to be releasing them all at once?
    If not, can you release Tsuki no Naku first, because i know a lot of people have already seen the Hoshi no Umi OVA’s, as have I, and I want to see how it’s going to be adapted(because i’m up to date with the manga).

  3. Good you finished this series now just do the OVAs and it will be your group’s first achievement. Good luck! And no more trolling if you’re going to be late with a couple episodes please just tell us.

  4. Thanks guys, was a fun ride.

    So you guys actually quitting fansubbing now (or after you finish gatchaman + YQ ovas) or are you going to take a break or are you going to pick up a show next season?

    Either way, w/e you guys do (or do not do) good luck and have fun.

    1. The whole thing was just lies. There are plans for next season, though I doubt anything is a certainty at all.

      1. If the next season starts and another show gets done before even #11 of GC is released, I’ll probably laugh very loud and long. And then I’ll cry for about the same period of time. Afterwards I might get online to find someone of your staff to blame for this (probably Hyaku ’cause he enjoys it, but we’ll see).

        Happy New Year and all that good stuff. Now get someone to typeset those episodes already, young man.

  5. Thanks for ep 13. (Yes I can say nice things from time to time)

    As for gatcha you guys were only doing one show this season that aired only once a week meaning that after the translations got done and once the latest ep of Yozakura was released you had all that time in between release to the next ep to work on gatcha.

    1. People have real life and other stuff, other things they want or need to do, other fansubbing projects for other groups, etc.

      If you’re very good at typesetting and want to help, maybe we should talk…

      Certainly you don’t want the people who can’t really typeset (e.g. me) trying to do it.

    1. Vale didn’t get around to translating it for weeks or months. There were also 186 recap lines in the first half of episode 11 to find from the previous ten episodes, but that’s been done for over a week now.

      Then there’s more typesetting work in those two episodes than in many entire shows. Once it’s delayed past the next season, it gets a lower priority than weekly shows for staff, so those signs take even longer to get done.

      As you’d expect, CR (and thus Commie I’m assuming) skipped plenty of the recap lines and of course even the translations for the typesetting, never mind the actual typesetting itself.

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