Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 10

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This series really likes those insert songs huh? Nothing too fancy this episode, but it definitely works. Thanks to Yuyu for encoding again. Puff! Where are you?! Don’t tell me we’re going to lose you too!


35 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 10

  1. Oh, I see. I was getting worried it was never coming out. Will continue to wait patiently. Thanks for subbing!

  2. Hey why don’t you actually Sub the 11th episode, its been almost 5 days now. I’m not mad I just dislike when I’m told it will be subbed soon, and you don’t live up to it. At least address the matter and update the fans about when to expect it, and/or why it hasn’t been subbed.

        1. Yeah, that’s not them. That’s a site that rips their copy of it and puts it there. Aside from the subs being done by Cthuko, they have nothing to do with that site, meaning that your claim is invalid.

          Before you go spouting shit, know what you’re talking about.

          1. That doesn’t mean shit, it wasn’t subbed it doesn’t matter what site, if it says its not subbed then its not subbed, if a website is copying and pasting and its not subbed then that means that when they copied it, it wasn’t subbed. It’s not “spouting shit” if i’m stating common sense facts. In any case if you read further in the comments, you would have noticed someone addressing the matter and that my problem was resolved so there is no real reason for you to be even bothering me with this, Ive learned a little from the previous comments about how subbing actually works.

    1. calm down man, they are subbing the OVAs, and for them also it is the end of the year with all the festivities it brings, and if you’re that impatient I advise you to start learning Jap. As much as I’m concerned you guys are doing such a good job that I’m more than willing to wait for your releases. Thanks a lot !

      1. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, if you tell me that i’m getting a subbed version soon then they need to either address the matter of delay or actually sub it. I am calm as I previously stated.

        1. Cthuko Subs isn’t gogoanime and if gogoanime says subs coming soon then you should expect it from them and not Cthuko Subs.

    2. The sidebar is actually up to date on YZQ 11. Encode and TL were a bit late, but the last couple of days it’s been stuck at the editor, who’s been offline or afk. This is the first time all season he’s been anything close to this late. ETA is within a day of when he edits it, which is… I don’t know. Status update: we have no idea. (hence not actually worth an update)

      OVA 1 has been sitting at the editor for a while too.

      For the sake of dialogue consistency (at least in theory) we’d rather not have someone else edit because we got ten previous episodes with the same editor. The same didn’t happen for Gatchaman because Kusion was being a Kusion, but we don’t plan on editor hot potato for YZQ. That said, if it’s not done in a week, I’ll probably edit it myself.

      As for a “status” on some 3rd-party site that somebody made up… why would anybody trust or believe that?

  3. OP question: You can clearly hear in English “will lead to” and not “lead, lead to” twice at the beginning of the OP. I guess my question is why leave it as “lead, lead”, unless that’s the “official” lyrics. You can hear two different words being spoken, and “will lead to” makes much more sense.
    All quartets lead, lead to… OR
    All quartets will lead to…

      1. I noticed it says “OVAs” so Hoshi no Umi consists of more than one episode? Huh… that’s interesting.

      2. Oh good! I just watched them a few days ago to fill in the gaps between episode 8 and 9. Hard to see what’s happening when the video is 480×720!

        1. Technically there are only 3 OVAs of “Hoshi no Umi”. However I’m assuming the 4th OVA they are going to be working on is episode 1 of “Tsuki ni Naku”? Speaking of, episode 2 of said OVA will be coming out around February 2014 bundled in with a special edition of volume 15 of the manga and ending the series with the 3rd installment whenever volume 16 is released. Which means we’ll be getting plenty of YQ going into 2014!!! @(^.^)@ I hope Cthuko picks up the rest of the series. You guys are doing an awesome job with this series!

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