Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 09

[Cthuko] Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta - 09 [720p Hi10P H264][97973159]_001_19919Best character or what?

I would like to take a second and dedicate this release post to mourn the death of one of our staff members. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he will no longer be with us. It is indeed sad that one of our core member is no longer able to work with us.

[Cthuko] Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta - 09 [720p Hi10P H264][97973159]_001_17185

On another note, special thanks to Yuyu for encoding this episode. Our usual encoder is currently MIA. There is also a new OP. That means new effects!


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  1. Not so fussy as to wait for a stalled lot of OVAs before watching this ep, so gonna get it from Chihiro and then redl it later from Cthuko in better quality. 😀 I had JUST started watching ep 9 when I decided to dl, lucky I came here and found out I need to see them first!

  2. Go finish Gatchaman, Hyaku, or let someone else do it if you’re feeling too lazy.

    Seriously, you’re almost as bad as Daiz right now.

    1. They’re probably waiting for the directors cut versions of 11&12 on the Blurays to come out first before finishing it.

  3. I heard that the OVA got a BD release this August. If I were you, I’d wait to find a BDMV source (none are available right now) before releasing. I doubt people are going to wait for the OVA to be released anyway, since you need to have seen it before episode 9.
    There’s a high chance I’ll be able to find the BDMV as soon as it appears online (private tracker), and I’d be more then happy to share the BDMV with you guys.

    1. I think our TLs are just stalling it. We’ve had 720p/1080p encodes sitting on server for a while already, so I assume Puff already got the hookup a while back.

      Thanks, anyhow. (or maybe I’m just imagining things, or they were shareraws or who knows what, but it doesn’t seem so)

        1. Awesome to hear. And, just so you know, I am crazy enough to wait for those before watching episodes 09+. Did I mention I absolutely love this show yet?

  4. Since Hoshi no Umi is almost required to watch the rest of this show, have you guys thought about translating it?

  5. Sorry to hear of your loss. I hope everyone will recover and adjust to it…
    Thanks for the episode 🙂

    1. It’d be nice if someone who knows how made a patch, but If you’d like I could explain how you add the fonts without patching. It’s actually not that hard, though you will need to download a program to do it.

    2. It’s probably not worth an official release at this point, especially since it’s just an ED / OP issue. I’ll make an unofficial patch in a couple of hours if you really want (I personally need to actually download the release first) and nobody else gets to it first.

      You might want to keep the original in case the TV releases get batched. Not sure what we’re doing.

        1. Thanks for the Patch, but the File “xdelta3.exe” is missing in the Zip-File.
          This could cause a problem for some people (but not for me)
          For those who need help:
          You can find the missing File here
          Download the Version you need (win32 or win-x64) rename the File to “xdelta3.exe” and put in a Folder toghter with the Video and the uncompressed Zip-File.
          Than run “Patch Apply.bat” and the Video will be patched.

  6. So is this show still worth watching? I actually the animation and some of the characters but I put in on hold on ep 3 bc there were too much forced fanservice and pantie shots. I need more opinions to either continue or dropped the show :\

    1. Personally, I love this show. I really like how they adapted the character design and animation to suit its manga roots. I do agree that one downside of this adaption is the overabundance of fanservice, but put those shots aside and you get a colorful, fun anime that has some phenomenal action sequences. Prior to the airing of “Hana no Uta”, I had hoped that they would’ve animated the new series just as they did with “Hoshi no Umi”. Ecchi aside, they did so albiet with a more playful mood and color palette to better portray the lighthearted comedy (which I found to be a good choice). And while the plot may not entirely be a novel experience (though it has its moments), it suffices as a reason to invest in the characters and their interactions with the world mythos. So I believe anyone going into this anime should do so simply to have a good time.

      1. Yeah, I also like the Japanese mythos aspect of the world and their action scenes are fun to watch. Maybe I’ll get back to it when the series have finished. Thanks!

    2. Yes there’s a lot of fanservice, but just like with Kill la Kill, it’s not the entire focus of the anime. The story is actually quite interesting. It has the perfect mix of action, comedy and drama. Don’t dismiss the show just because of the fanservice that’s in there. I guarantee, it’s nothing like Senran Kagura, Highschool Dxd etc… which are all about the fanservice.

    3. Actually, panty shots are a thing in the manga as well. It was a little more on perspective from how I see it like… WHO WOULDN’T SEE PANTIES IN THAT POV?

      I would say that it’s not the focus of the whole series… I don’t find it to be fan service though if you don’t think of it as a perspective thing, it would seem like forced fan service.

  7. On a side note: I advise anyone who has not done so at this point to watch the OVA’s “Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi no Umi” in order to fully enjoy this episode and the rest of the series.

    1. Eh… I don’t actually think he’s dead. Just that he can’t work on the project anymore due to personal circumstances.

  8. “I would like to take a second and dedicate this release post to mourn the death of one of our staff members. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he will no longer be with us. It is indeed sad that one of our core member is no longer able to work with us.”

    So Paul Walker was one of your members ?
    Oh boy, I didn´t know that !

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