Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 08

Sorry about delay.
I can’t be arsed making post release, i’m tired and there’s a show awaits me tonight… Just enjoy that hime’s chewing pict. cya next week~ (someone would probably edit this)

Hyaku Edit: This week’s episode came with a lot of surprises; two of our fellow staffs couldn’t make it onto schedule this week. ryuu_zer0 started working full time as of this week so he won’t be actively working on releases anymore unless it can’t be helped. ClamXtX also had a concert to go to. Not going to stop someone from going to a live concert, are we?

Anyways, have some Kotoha panties.



twinkly edit: apparently some people want fixed OP / ED (and still want it now). Here’s a patch (<- click me). No official release for this. Sorry for the initial mixup here. *glares at ntr*

26 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 08

  1. Watch Hoshi no Umi OVAs before watching episode Hana no uta 09. It makes much more sense after watching the OVAs before 09.

    1. Ep 11’s been done with edit for a long time. Have you seen what 11 is like? The entire first half is pretty much flashbacks with voiceovers, and there’s another very heavy typesetting workload as well. The flashbacks require going through and finding all the previous lines we had from whichever of the past 10 episodes they came from.

      CR had about 80 lines worth of these, but they were missing a whole bunch more, just to give a frame of reference. It only took me a couple hours to cross-reference CR to find which episodes those lines came from and find the lines from our own translation (again, not using CR as base), but the rest are slower going.

      Ep 12 has a bunch of heavy typesetting as well, so unfortunately, progress will be slow on both. Anywho, apologies for the delays.

  2. When something is wrong with a release it´s always “Update your codec” !
    Why is it that no group ever admit that they made a mistake ?
    By the way, I have the latest LAV-Filter and madVR installed and the Karaoke-Sub in the ending are still not showing right !

  3. In addition to missing fonts, the OTF fonts have the wrong MIME types:

    Attachment ID 1: type 'application/vnd.ms-opentype', size 18164 bytes, file name
    Attachment ID 3: type 'application/vnd.ms-opentype', size 179556 bytes, file nam
    e 'Barmeno-Medium.otf'
    Attachment ID 6: type 'application/vnd.ms-opentype', size 26392 bytes, file name

    They won’t be recognized by the subtitle renderer, and lines or signs using them will get displayed in the default font instead. In mkvmerge, OTF attachments need to have their MIME types set manually to x-truetype-font.

    1. That’s be the “update your codecs” issue – opentype fonts not being recognized correctly is a bug in Haali, whereas the LAV splitter can handle them fine (and actually supports ordered chapters these days, so there’s no reason to cling on to Haali any more).

  4. Are u subbing Hoshi no Umi Episodes next, cause in the Timeline, they were the next what’s happening and then there where nothing left out for epi 9

    1. I would also like to know whether you guys plan on subbing the OVAs too. Appreciate all the work for Yozakura!

        1. While you shouldn’t have to say anything, maybe a note on the sidebar indicating that they are pending, or pending time/proper media/all of them to be released, ect… would help lower the amount of times it is asked. Or at least us fans could respond check the sidebar when the question does eventually get reasked.

  5. Thank you Cthuko for the release!

    Just a note: The subtitle track for the ending theme song is in the incorrect font.

    1. It just means that you need to update your codec. Usually I mux the fonts to accommodate for older codex (which I shouldn’t) but someone else muxed this episode the proper way.

      1. Updating codecs ain’t gonna fix the fact that the file doesn’t have AurulentSans and ITC Zapf Chancery muxed in.

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