Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 07


As of this episode, we’ve updated the opening to the official lyrics. In my opinion, it looks a bit weird during the lalala lines but what can you do?

Before I do some unnecessary things, here’s your weekly dose of panties.


I had such a hard time deciding the release pic so here is a bunch of the other options.

First, we have some Hime rabu:

1 - MoXzYGd

2 - 0yCxOVN

6 - jhSQWj7

3 - iKFQs2F


Some panties:

4 - 3ka3CJM


And one of my favorite options:

5 - wGLWsr9

40 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 07

  1. Episode 8 will come out when it comes out. Be patient. All other can check themselves, free of charge, no drinks are on anyone, into the GTFO Suites.

    Thanks, Chtuko, any effort on your part is worth it.

    Seriously? You guys don’t pay a dime for this and you feel that give the the right to act like self important children. Get a life.

    1. I like how people pull the free card. It’s like going to public school and not being able to bitch because the teacher doesn’t show up. “You’re not paying for school. So you can’t bitch if nobody is teaching you anything.” If I had a choice of getting it elsewhere, either by a different subber or buying it online, I would, but just like public school, if you can’t upgrade, you’re stuck with what you get. And you know that every Monday/Tuesday theory, besides now, it has only happened once and it only took them till the afternoon on Monday to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what they do, A whole bunch since this is my favorite of the fall anime, and it’s probably why i’m so disappointed. but if it were me doing it, I wouldn’t let down a bunch of people without any kind of warning. like “Hey some things personal stuff came up. I won’t be able to sub for a while. I’ll try to do it by [insert time].” But it isn’t just them i’m annoyed with, it’s the fact that this show is SO underrated that nobody bothers to sub it or anything.

      1. There’s actually a hole in that analogy of yours. Teachers are actually getting paid to teach the students; it’s up to the students to decide whether they want to learn or not. And technically, students that do go to public schools do “pay” for their schooling. Their parents pay for it in the form of tax.

        On another note, if there are reasons for delays, I will keep you guys updated (even if it’s vague) through the release posts. Side bar will be updated too when someone is bothered.

      2. Look, you (the student) have no right to bitch about the quality of public education, because you don’t pay anything for it. Your parents and the the rest of us (the taxpayers) have every right to do so, but refrain from doing so, because without even this “bad” education you would end up even worse than bitching about it.

        Same goes for subs. Go bitch on CR for how bad their subs are that you paid for. But don’t bitch to fansubbers, because you only piss them of and they will stop offering subs for free because of bitches like you!

        1. If we charged even fifty cents per download, I could be rich by now and buy myself a new desktop (which I need; laptop is outdated now). I wouldn’t even need to get myself a job and can live off fansubbing. *shurgs*

          1. But you get what I mean. Most of us don’t have a choice with what subs we get when it comes to this anime specifically. Not subbing it, at all, not specifically Cthuko, will disappoint a lot of people. You can tell people not to bitch or that it’s free or whatever, but you can’t get around that fact, people WILL be disappointed. I know I came off as whiny and bitchy and for that, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to insult anyone or make it seem like I don’t appreciate what Cthuko does. I was just annoyed and when I saw someone sharing how I felt I just felt the need to vent, because I can tell myself it’s free or whatever, and even though I appreciate that it is, I couldn’t help but to feel a little let down. Still though, I have mad respect for what Cthuko does and I am extremely grateful they introduced me to this anime. I want you guys to know that.

          2. That is based on the assumption that people would actually pay for the subs. I, for one, wouldn’t. But that’s another aspect about fansubbers that we should learn to appreciate- them doing this for free.

            Speaking of which, Gatchaman when, Jesus-kun?

          3. @RevenantRioter I know. I just wanted to point out the hole in your analogy.

            @Enz In any case, people would pay for something like YZQ because there aren’t really any other groups out there subbing it. Gatchaman when it’s done. I don’t want to put an ETA on it because it really is a lot of work (the last two episodes).

          4. Because everyone is stepping back for us πŸ˜‰ Just kidding.
            Probably because this is a remake. I honestly have no idea why no one else picked this up. Good for us though~

  2. So when’s episode 8 coming out? And why is it that Cthuko is the ONLY fansub group doing Hana no Uta? Is the anime really that hated?

    1. I believe it is and it’s disappointing that the only anime subbers that decided to take up the responsibility of subbing it so a couple hundred or thousand of people can see it only half assedly do their job. If you’re not going to go through with it and maintain expectations then why bother doing it at all? You’re just disappointing a bunch of people in the end.

      1. I agree. If I become desperate enough, I’ll just end up watching episode 8 raw even though I won’t understand a thing.
        Also, why aren’t the other fansub groups working on Hana no Uta? Isn’t anyone pushing for it?

      2. Show airs sundays and Cthuko releases on Monday/Tuesday, don’t understand what pains you have. Also they’re doing a pretty decent job in that short time, nothing half-assed at all. Don’t stress yourself with little things.

        1. I think it’s a pretty good job, considering that we aren’t trying to “speedsub.” Asides from a few derps here and there, everything is pretty much up to my standards (timing and TS wise because I can’t into English).

      3. So you’d rather watch raws because it doesn’t meet your quality standards? If you can do a better job, do it or stop complaining. Translating takes a lot of time, so show at least some appreciation to the people that do it for free.

      4. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the fact that these guys are doing this sub, but like Revenant said, I’m frustrated over the fact that literally NO ONE wants to sub it except for them. If it 2-3 fansub groups working on it, a delay in one of the subs wouldn’t bother me but since this is (and I can’t stress this enough) the ONLY group working on subs you tend to have high expectations of them.

  3. This is called fanservice and Kill la Kill is called a symbolism of girls getting their period and getting dudes hard. Spare me.

  4. Are u subbing after episode 8 the first ova, cause the ova is placed between epi 8+9 an without the ova, we will miss something πŸ™

  5. Great release. I would’ve been fine with keeping your old lalala transcription as a “translation” on the bottom. Heck, fudge the line ending to “la la land” if you want. πŸ˜›

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