Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 04

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Enjoy the release of supernatural tongue action and other silliness. And… could there be some plot developments? Stay tuned.  -twinkle

twinkly edit:  fonts are apparently missing, sorry. Watch this space for an update.  btw there’s  a “major” that should be “mayor” in the v2 script, which is the same as v1. Fixed for batch, like some stuff in previous eps.
ntr edit: this is what will happen if i’m rushing thing. Fuck!

18 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 04

  1. So what’s going on with episode 5 of Yozakura Quartet? Seems like you guys are the only ones willing to sub it. Which is a damn shame. It’s such a good anime.

  2. I saw a 50% tag next to TL of Gatcha 11 and thought, Oh yeah some progress on it, and then I realized it’s always been 50% since the first half is already translated by Rekyu. Such a let down. T_T

  3. Hey guys.
    I’m just here to say that you do a pretty good job. However, it’s unkind to the people who watch your releases to just jump to the next season and let the previous project half dead behind. I know I shouldn’t complain about something I get for free but I’m just saying that by doing this, some people who waited for your Gatchaman releases might decide to not wait for your future projects.
    It’s just an advice of mine, do whatever you think it’s right.

    1. I just played the file to check and it worked fine for me. What video player/codec are you using? Have you checked the CRC to make sure the file patched correctly? Though I did just run the CRC on my file out of curiosity and it failed, so who knows how useful that will be to you.

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