Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 03

[Cthuko]_yozakura_-_03_[Mux][55DD223E].mkv_snapshot_19.29_[2013.10.21_02.01.23]Fists. Will. Be. Shaken.

HyakuPercent’s MIA, so you get me today! What a letdown, huh?

As usual, we have a second track for youkai apparently. It was summoned forth by my youkaiic powahs, just so you know. Enjoy your supernatural happenings, possible plot developments, possible other things that may or may not be teased,  and gratuitous panty shots.


P.S. For the record, Gatchaman’s still at TL. And still not dropped.

Also, last I heard, we were still thinking of doing a full TV batch as well as BDs for that. There’s some progress on that, but it’s stalled at 11-12 not being done and Hyaku not doing stuff for some prior eps. More or less, there are a lot of known inconsistency issues, script derps here and there, missing typesets that were put off, and an intended change in subtitle dialogue style.

20 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 03

  1. I’m more then sure Oyatsu will be willing to go with that idea. If you are also willing to go with the collab.

  2. Well I have a brilliant idea or suggestion. Oyatsu has translators that can TL, but needs someone to help with Log Horizon who is good at TS(typesetting). I say why not work together to complete the remaining 2 eps of gatchaman, and you can help them with their TS issue with Log Horizon. Both great groups that are good at what they do. This might even make it easier for you on future eps or current projects if you work together.

  3. See that, guys? They’ve announced S2 now, and I haven’t even watched all of the first. Doesn’t that make you sad, vale? Yeah? Then go and translate the two damn episodes, man. >.<

        1. It’s been stuck at vale not translating his half all this time. Technically there could have been some editing and timing done on the half that Rekyu did, but we’d still be stuck at vale. That said, if it gives you any consolation, you can still blame HyakuPercent for not timing that half. Also whoever’s going to edit it. Except wait… that might end up being me.

          We could have edited CR to finish up the last two episodes and perhaps been done already, but I don’t think anybody’s interested in that. Uh, and even if some of you are, I’m pretty sure we aren’t.

          1. Why not ask Rekyu to translate the remaining half? vale obviously doesn’t care anymore. He’s already moved on to the current season leaving Gatchaman behind.

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