Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 02v2

This is now the Cthuko official theme song!

We’ve updated beast terminology to daemon with the fancy ӕ because most of us didn’t like beast anyways.

Once again, there is secondary track for those who don’t want youkai translated.

Edit: v2 patch here.


29 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta 02v2

  1. Seems like the first rips of the YQ – Tsuki ni Naku OVA are coming out. Is cthuko interested in translating it, considering you seem to be the only group so far interested in Yozakuara Quartet at this time.

  2. You know, the alternate track is a nice gesture, but could the guy who does the find-and-replace job at least go through and quickly proofread the lines that were changed?

    Dialogue: 100,0:09:36.78,0:09:40.43,Default,,0,0,0,,This is for the youkai’ sakes too, you know.
    Dialogue: 100,0:18:48.91,0:18:52.86,Default,,0,0,0,,Those struck by the dark light obtain youkaiic powers.

    1. Yes, we will, I hope. I told people to check this. Dammit, guys. ;_;

      Verbatim my notes:
      “Here’s a list of lines to change below. Note that ‘dæmonic powers’ probably should be ‘youkai powers’ so be wary of simple search/replace. Also plural youkai is youkai I think.”
      [list of lines that have a variant of dæmon in them]

  3. Really like the decision to use daemon. In its original greek usage the term is almost a direct parallel to youkai. Daemons being either benevolent or evil, but almost definitely supernatural.

  4. Hello, doesn’t anyone know the song that Yae’s phone rings ?

    I think I know that song, isn’t the insert song for the first season?

    1. The person uploading the BDMV has bad internet and has only uploaded 3 of the 4 episodes so far. I assume they’ll sub it when he finishes.

      1. Whoa, there’s a fourth OVA? Oh, wait, you mean that Tsuki ni Naku thing? Nevertheless, saving us from the terror that is Chihiro would be much appreciated.

        Also, yeah, daemon is infinitely better than beast. I quite like this translation, actually, don’t think there’s a better fitting one.

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