Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta – 01

[Cthuko] Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta - 01 [720p Hi10P H264][BB6707A5]_001_2896Yay! We’re not late!

 Here is our first (and only) show this season!
There is a second track for those who want “youkai” in their subs.

Now, I would like to welcome lunr as a fellow staff member. Yay! That means less work for me to do! And with this, we have another surprise! The anonymous pedophile has decided to reveal himself! Say hello to ntr, everyone.

Edit: Forgot to mention ClamXtX, our new editor. He’s been around for a bit now but he’s also one of the new additions to our team! Say “hi” to him too.


33 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta – 01

  1. Great work as always.

    Minor errors I’ve spotted:

    Signage for 09:59 says 救護迷子–; “First Aid, Missing Child” would be more fitting?

    Sign for 10:02 and 10:04 are swapped.

  2. Hi guys, thanks for the sub for one of my favorite manga/anime series!

    I know I’m late to the youkai translation discussion, but let me go ahead and give my own 2 cents: I figure you might as well use “jabberwock” as the English translation for the word. Why? Well, if you look at the supernatural characters in this show, it is pretty obvious that they are not what English speakers typically think of when they use the word “beast”. It’s also pretty obvious that they are not what English speakers think of when they use the word “demon”. Moreover, it seems pretty obvious that they are not even what _Japanese_ speakers think of when they use the word “youkai”.

    Although they may involve references to classical Japanese mythology, I don’t think there really is a good English or Japanese word that exactly describes Hime or Ao or Kotoha. Ultimately, these characters are products of the author’s imagination. Youkai is as poor a term to describe them as any other, and may be even a better term for English speakers than for Japanese, as someone who doesn’t already know that word won’t be stuck with preconceived notions of just what kind of a being that is…

  3. Thank you so much ^^

    I liked the sub It was very clear for me.

    I wish watch more animes from you guys.

    Gambari Menna-San •

    *sorry for my bad English*

  4. Youkai are not always spirits/gods (Kami). It’s an umbrella term that simply represent supernatural beings and the unknown, usually associated with animals and nature. Also, there is no translation for Youkai in English. Youkai has an official entry in Wikipedia. There is absolutely no need to use “Beasts” because it’s just inaccurate. It’s like if you translate Karate into Boxing.

    1. See above responses. Also, everything everyone has said so far was of course already taken into consideration.

      If you don’t like it, sorry. There exists a second sub track (enough staff either preferred the alternative or there being an option), so feel free to use that. Or if the comment was more ideological than practical, then you probably won’t get very far unless you can offer a stronger, more sophisticated argument.

      Now as for the other words…

      1. I am okay with the second track.

        I simply fail to see the logic behind using “Beasts”. I am not sure why simply “Youkai” was actually rejected? Can you enlighten me? Because sometimes if there are absolutely no equivalent translation, you simply use the original word. Not the mention “youkai” is actually what the author intended it to be called. Why are some people against that?

        It’s not that I am dissatisfied with your subs. It’s just that I am not understanding the logic behind it.

        1. Some staff don’t like leaving words untranslated, pretty much. I don’t know if there’s more to it than that. In my books, every TL and non-TL has its own drawbacks.

          That said, if you’re talking consistency and untranslated words, we still had “satori” (though that was immediately explained in that line) and… other stuff too. At some point, a translation for “okonomiyaki” was untranslated, so to speak, though “sakura mochi” was there from the start. Beats me.

          1. Maybe I’ll try to be more persuasive. Please keep in mind I am not forcing or complaining about your fansub work, which are great. Technically, after all these years and my knowledge of Japanese, I don’t really need subs (I just get subs because they are usually encoded better than raws). Also it’s not a big deal because it’s already taken care in the second track. However, this TL particularly startled me. It’s just that I need to explain why I feel so perplexed by this translation.

            1 – First of all, I already mentioned that Youkai has no equivalent word in English. In other words, you can keep the original word. You will not lose your credibility as a TL.
            2 – Youkai is now a recognized word outside of Japan due to popularity of Japanese media. You can use it. Unfortunately, it’s not an official English word like karate or tsunami. The best way is to use Youkai and add a TL note at the beginning of the episode explaining the terminology.
            3 – Youkai is also prominent in East Asian mythology (notably China and Korea). I know this because I am well versed in East Asian mythology. My grandfather has the hobby of gathering history, classics and occult books. I essentially learned my kanji reading from his library since I was 5. Needless to say I came across a lot of books on youkai (both Chinese and Japanese ones). I can tell you that “Beast” is far from the first word you would use to describe them. Why do I care about youkai? Because this is personal.
            4 – Youkai are corporeal, unlike ghosts and spirit/gods (kami). So clearly “spirit” is no good.
            5 – The author explicitly use Youkai as a term and the story is rooted in Japanese tradition. This suggest you might want to keep that term to preserve the cultural context of the word.
            6 – “Demon” is wrong but actually better than “Beast”. Why? Because youkai actually has a negative connotation unlike kami which is neutral. Yes, I know youkai are not evil per se but are well known to be devious to human morals. In Yozakura Quartet, youkai are actually persecuted and discriminated against. This is also because humans fear them. Thus, demon is a much closer translation than beast.
            7 – “Beast” has no supernatural connotation at all. Not really wise choice for translation of youkai. Yes, it’s true most youkai are derived from animals. However, there are youkai who derived from objects, particularly Japanese youkai.
            8 – “Beastling” has no indication to mixed lineage. Use of “hybrid” or “half-breed” or “half-youkai” is more accurate.

          2. Thanks for letting me goad you into a more substantive response (seriously). Also, see above, especially with respect to #8.

            “Demon” was also specifically considered and rejected.

          3. “don’t like leaving words untranslated”

            Any time anyone involved in translation uses this as a justification, I get very worried about their whole philosophy and reason for translating. Translation isn’t a game where you need to convert every single word to some other word in order to “win” or “be better”. The vast majority of them, of course, but sometimes doing so directly detracts from the purpose of translation. That philosophy taken to extremes results in grotesque failures like Commie.

            Put “beast” in the secondary track, if your members insist on keeping it at all. There’s no reason why the correct term should be the alternate track.

          4. That’s the thing… The TL wants beast, I want youkai. We wouldn’t even be having a youkai track in the first place if TL didn’t compromise with me and put it as the second track.

            Have to keep the TL happy, otherwise we won’t have anybody to TL the show.

          5. @aaaaaaa: If it really bothers you, just use mkvextract to extract the subs and re-mux them into the primary track. Better: remove the “Beast” track. Otherwise you can make patch. That works too.

            @100%: If I were not so busy with life, I would gladly be the replacement to your TL. Alas, those are empty words because I don’t have extra time. I don’t have the ego to do it just to prove a point though. Maybe we just have to get in touch with the TL directly to try to persuade him/her about how puzzling this translation is.

  5. Translating youkai as “beasts” seems like a poor choice. Too corporeal. It doesn’t bear in English the supernatural connotations that come with 妖怪, which literally means ghost/phantom/strange apparition.
    Monsters, spirits, daemons, fairies, sprites, Psychopomps, incarnates, sídhe, etcetera, would all communicate the concept better.

    1. That’s what I said. But some of the staff wanted “beast” so…
      In fact, vale didn’t want alt. track at all. We had a compromise though, with beast as default and youkai as secondary track. imo youkai doesn’t have an english equivalent at all (asides from “mythical beasts” but who wants that in their subs?) but it’s not like I know jap *shrugs*

    2. I have no idea about the show and universe other than what’s aired, but it seems like the actual beings in question are generally not ghostly / phantom-like / spirit-like / etc. It’s not like youkai describes them all that well in Japanese to begin with, so there’s not a great reason to get that hung up on word associations in a vacuum. These are seemingly more corporeal than youkai in many other settings.

      Monster / daemon / etc. -> wasn’t liked due to negative and/or evil connotations.
      Fairy / alt spellings of fairy / other ways of saying fairies -> wasn’t liked due to connotations of short and winged flappy things (though in some settings, fairies are used in a more generic sense, so if this were up to me and I had to choose, I might possibly go this route)
      Spirit / phantom / etc. -> wasn’t liked due to sounding much too ethereal

      With Beast, you can put a -ling after it. Aside from that, I think people were liking Creature more? I think it’s descriptive enough and works somewhat, but me just stinx QC who didn’t notice the next episode TS was missing and more. Nothing’s going to work perfectly, anyhow. *shrugs*

      1. I really appreciate the thought you’ve put into this!

        Although your objections to alternative solutions for “Yokai” are quite valid, here’s the basic problem with “Beast”:

        —The difference between a “human” and a “Yokai” is that the former is purely corporeal, while the latter is incarnated but magical/supernatural (and is quite possibly dangerous).

        —The difference between a “human” and a “Beast” is that the former is civilized, while the later is (literally) savage and brutish.

        It’s true that Yozakura Quartet is concerned with “civilization” insofar as the Yokai living in Sakurashin want to lead “normal” human-style lives, but the wild/tame contrast is not the primary line of demarcation between the two populations. My instinct is to recommend taking the Faerie route, specifically “Fey,” a word which I think has enough serious import remaining in it to be effective. You could also go with “Wight,” which really nicely encapsulates the range of meanings found in “Youkai” (you may know that the word originally referred simply to “a living thing,” but it now instantly conjures up slightly negative supernatural associations), although thanks to Tolkien that term may now be too ethereal.

        I agree there’s no perfect solution here, and honestly I’m perfectly happy to adjust to “Beast” if that’s what you want to use. It just seems to miss the mark rather more widely than other options might.

        PS: Agree with wakka9ca that “Beastling” just suggests “child of a Beast,” not necessarily “half-human.”

        1. Curiously enough, the original word used was “sprite,” and my alternate suggestion—which I thought wasn’t necessarily better—was “fay” (fey). I think I threw us off of sprite after making too many bad soft drink jokes. No offense to the drink.

          Suffice to say, there was some discussion on staff channel, and different people had different ideas in the end. By the time we’d made multiple swaps and landed on Beast, I was slightly in favor of just going with untranslated youkai. If you want to lobby vale and some other co-conspirators, be my guest, and I mean it.

          Also, I must say that I was confused by our own usage of “Beastling” because I thought that implied someone who was immature with respect to being a Beast/youkai and hadn’t reached full-blown status yet (that’s maybe kind of right, but not really). I suppose the child of a Beast/youkai would be another interpretation. Seeing as all these interpretations are seemingly off the mark, that makes Beast and Beastling less appealing in my eyes.

  6. Thanks for subbing this show.
    Just a small thing I caught: Yuhi says “hanami” rather than “hanabi” which is flower viewing (usually sakura blossoms) rather than fireworks.

  7. other than than the ochite = falling thing, the only other issue is really just with one letter, it’s Juri, not Yuri.

    But anyway… thanks a lot for picking this series up.

  8. Thank you for the release! And greetings to ClamXtX and ntr!

    Just my two pence, but is the word Kotoha speaks in reaction to the black lightning, “ochite?”, supposed to mean “falling” in reference to the act of a being falling to becoming a yokai (as in the manga)? For that matter is “beast” an apt description of yokai as to prominantly portray the supernatural nature of yokai vs the supposed normalicy of humans?

    In whichever case, i think you guys are awesome for picking up this incredible show. Best of luck for this season!

    1. please excuse my second observation as you deemed it neccesary to release a second track which i overlooked.

    2. I know, but it’s a play on lightningstrike (which also ochiru). In this case, since it was an attack by Gin, I thought that using strike would be more fitting.

  9. I just found you guys! Thanks for all of your hard work and wish you luck on all of your future projects! 😀

    Also, lots of love for lunr and ntr :3 <3

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