Gatchaman Crowds 09v2

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_09_[Mux][ABAE4999]_001_2499Ain’t she beautiful?

Finally getting this out of my hair! This episode was one hell of a pain in the ass for me.

There were a lot of lines to TS, which I gave up on half way. Actually, I blame this case on our TS because he was being lazy and pushing most of it onto me. Don’t worry though, I’ll be certain to get all (if not most) of them done by the batch/BD. What? BDs? Yeah, that’s right. We’re also planning on doing the BDs so look forward to those. Now onto the problems we (should be “I” because I was the one who had to spend the most time on it) had to face. There were encoding problems which led to timing problems, which then led to me having to re-time the whole episode. After that there  we figured out the wrong audio was muxed into the encode, which then led me to re-time the whole episode again. And then, more stuff happened and blah blah blah.

tl;dr A whole lot of shit went on causing delays onto of our already delayed release. And the public announcement of us doing the BDs I guess?

For those worried about the release pic, don’t worry. You won’t be seeing any of that in throughout the episode.

Edit: v2 to fix up various derps. You can download the patch here.


10 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 09v2

  1. It’s good to hear that you’re gonna do the BDs for Gatchaman, but I gotta ask – seeing as you’re not a speedy group AND wrapping up unfinished business doesn’t seem awfully important to you – what priority will the project have?

    I’ve already decided to wait for you to finish the show before I watch any of it (that’s just what I do – I’ve got lotsa other stuff to watch), but I wanna know if it’s worth to wait even longer for the BDs. Are you gonna follow UTW’s Nise example or release – say – an episode or two per month?

    1. Lucky you! I’m not planning to be like UTW and delay like Nise.
      Though, what I should really say is, I need to wait for translations before I can do anything… It’ll definitely be done before the season ends, if that’s what you’re worrying about. Hopefully before half of the season?

  2. I can never find the words to tell you guys just how grateful I am that you are doing the anime, I only watch your releases, even though this anime has finished, I am still only up to episode 9 and waiting patiently, because for the work as awesome as yours one needs to wait.

  3. Apparently stuff(TM) happened—what with a gajillion scripts and retimings and all—and there was another case of the what-I-see-isn’t-what-the-release-looks-like-for-whatever-reasons game. It’s like WYSIWYG but best-est-er. And a few things broke. Hell froze over. etc.

    v2 soon I think.

  4. YES, it’s never. Thank you very much for your hard work. I’m also very happy that would will be doing the bluray version. In my opinion, this is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while.

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